Ventless Heat Pump Dryers

Gentle Care, Better Efficiency

Our most energy-efficient, full-size dryer technology offers you the opportunity to take the next step in sustainability and efficiency. The advanced technology in the HybridCareTM true ventless heat pump dryer from Whirlpool regenerates energy during the drying cycle for reduced energy consumption. It also provides the flexibility of an optional heater for fast drying. Learn more about energy efficient heat pump dryers and ventless technology to find the right dryer to pair with our primary front-load washer set.

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*Based on 12-month average of unit sales. Refrigeration, Cooking, Dishwashers and Laundry appliances. TraQline, 2016.

Whirlpool® Ventless Dryer Features

Flexible Ventless Design

The ventless dryer design from Whirlpool opens up additional installation possibilities throughout the home. It also makes it ideal for installation in condos or apartment buildings where venting is difficult.

Whirlpool® ventless dryer design creates new installation possibilities.

Take care of your clothes with low temperature in heat pump dryers.

Gentle Care

The low drying temperatures and high air volume in heat pump dryers provide a gentle drying environment. HybridCareTM true ventless technology offers the capacity to use significantly less heat than a vented air dryer.

Dryers With Vents

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