Integrated Console

Top Control (Built-in)

Whirlpool® Integrated Consoles keep controls hidden and out of the way, while offering great cleaning performance.

Explore Select Features:

An easy-to-clean exterior.
Target Clean™ uses 40 targeted spray jets to scour away baked-on foods without soaking or scrubbing.
Tall Tub interior spacing gives you the flexibility to wash taller, bulkier dishes in a single load. 

Front Control (Built-in) 

Traditional dishwashers are a tried-and-true classic that keep caring top of mind. Our Whirlpool® Traditional Dishwasher designs allow you to select cycles and other settings easily from the exterior console of the dishwasher.

Frees up rack space by easily fitting on the front of the lower rack or in the door to make room for more dishes.
Automatically selects the right wash and dry settings for your load by using two separate sensors to measure temperature, soil level and load size once during the prewash and once during the wash cycle.
Clean dishes in half the time* so your plates, pans and glasses are thoroughly cleaned up and taken care of in just an hour. 

*Compared to Normal cycle with lightly soiled loads.

Traditional Console
Portable Dishwashers

Portable Dishwashers

Dishwashers on wheels can be used without having a built-in space under your counter.


Explore Select Features:

A butcher block top that makes your moveable dishwasher handy around your kitchen.
The same Tall Tub interior, for tall, bulky items, that is available in our built-in dishwashers.