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MSRP $12.99
MSRP $12.99
Model #: W10907188
MSRP $60.49
MSRP $34.99
MSRP $19.99
Model #: 3370993RB
MSRP $13.99
MSRP $33.36
Model #: 4378968
MSRP $19.99
MSRP $31.49
Model #: 8519716
MSRP $37.99
Model #: W10702081
MSRP $35.49
MSRP $34.99
MSRP $19.99
MSRP $17.99
Model #: 8212560
MSRP $19.99
Model #: W11037340
MSRP $54.99

Set up and maintain your dishwasher with installation kits and accessories from Whirlpool

Our dishwashers are designed to help you care for your family for years to come.  Keep appliances in pristine condition with dishwasher accessories and repair kits. Order dishwasher installation kits to hook up your water supply, add a side panel, expand capacity and mount your dishwasher to the floor. Through the years, as you need to make minor repairs and replacements you’ll find helpful manuals and Whirlpool® dishwasher accessories. Find parts to repair dishwasher racks, touch-up paint to cover any scratches or dings, and cleaners and detergents to make your stainless steel shine as well as maintain the interior of your appliance. Browse and order various parts and maintenance materials necessary to support the longevity and performance of our dishwashers in the accessories above.