Get clothes clean, fast with a Whirlpool® laundry machine.

Laundry Appliances

Technology to keep up with any lifestyle

Built-in water faucet

Want help stopping a stain from setting in on your favorite shirt?

This faucet lets you skip the sink and prewash your clothes right in the washer, so you can rinse away loose soils and save time.

Washers with Load and Go dispensers

Load & Go dispensers

Washing her ballet leotard and unsure of how much detergent to use?

Add detergent and fabric softener once and don’t worry about refilling for multiple loads. You’ll get just the right amount every time — without even thinking about it.

Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer

In the middle of making everyone's lunch for tomorrow morning?

Wash and dry in one appliance. So you don’t have to run to the laundry room when you’re still fixing PB&Js in the kitchen.

Dryers with Advanced Moisture Sensing

Advanced Moisture Sensing

Need help keeping jeans from overdrying?

Sensors track moisture and temperature and adapt drying times so the cycle ends when it should.

Laundry Pedestals

Tired of continually bending over to load laundry?

Pedestals raise your laundry pair to a more comfortable height and provide additional storage for essentials.

Laundry Pedestals for a comfortable height

Choose Whirlpool® washers and dryers to keep your family’s clothes looking their best

Daily life can be messy when your family is always on the go. Whirlpool® laundry machines are made to keep up. Our innovative laundry features help you wash more in a single load. From soccer uniforms to kids’ favorite blankets, we’ll help to make sure whatever spots or splashes go into clothes, come out. Browse our full selection of washer and dryer options that’ll help you get laundry done faster, so you can spend more time making messes instead of cleaning up after them.