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Washer and Dryer Measuring Guide

What You’ll Need:

Measuring tape

This guide

Washer sizes and dryer sizes for the perfect fit.

4 steps for making it fit

You like the look of them, but are that washer and dryer the right size? Your laundry room has enough going on; the last thing you want is an ill-fitting pair taking up valuable room. That’s why you need to follow this guide to properly measure your space and ensure you’ve got the right washer and dryer size for a perfect fit.



Step 1: Settle on a setup


Washer and dryer pairs come in a couple of styles. You can, of course, position them side by side, and, if they’re front-loading, add a pedestal to ease the discomfort of bending down to load and unload. If you are space constrained, stackable front-loading pairs are an ideal solution. In any case, first assess your room to determine the washer and dryer size and style that works.


Standard washer and dryer sizes for every setup





Step 2: Measure height, width and depth


 Although the dimensions are similar, there’s no standard washer and dryer size. That’s why it’s critical to measure your space carefully and thoroughly. Do it once. Then do it again.


Measure for proper washer and dryer size



Step 3: Make space all around

In order to fit and function properly, your washer and dryer need a little breathing room in the front and the back and side to side. 

Measuring for width of washer and dryer, depth of washer and dryer and height of washer and dryer.





Step 4: Map out a path


Figure out the best path of entry: from your home entrance, through each hall and any doorway. Then measure the width of those spaces to ensure the unit will make it through.


Find washer and dryer dimensions that will fit your space



Finding your washer and dryer sizes


To determine the exact dimensions of the washer and dryer models you’re interested in, look up the model numbers online to review specs or ask a sales representative for assistance in store.

But if you’re still searching for a new pair, why not make it Whirlpool? We can help you find the right fit. Shop washers and dryers. 


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