A kitchen featuring a full suite of Whirlpool® appliances

Cooking Appliances

Flexibility to keep up with your family’s schedule

A five burner range with a stainless steel finish between two cabinets.

Cooking Appliances: Ranges

The Whirlpool® line of ranges has the combination of capacity and flexibility that you need on the cooktop to handle whatever the day brings. Innovative cooking technology gives you accurate control, whether you're baking, broiling or simmering. Best of all, our cooking appliances come in numerous layouts, including single or double oven, freestanding or slide-in, in both gas and electric—so you can meet your family’s needs, whatever they may be.

A woman opens a Whirlpool® wall oven.

Cooking Appliances: Wall Ovens

Consistency is the key to every Whirlpool® wall oven. Every piece is the “good piece” when you’ve got cooking technology that gives you precise heat control and even cooking throughout. Choose from single, double or microwave oven combos to fit your specific needs. For the ultimate performance bundle in your kitchen, combine a wall oven with a cooktop and hood.

A hand selecting a cooking setting on a stovetop with the latest cooking technology.

Cooking Appliances: Cooktops

You can get a high-end look and advanced cooking technology for everything from boiling to sautéing with a Whirlpool® cooktop. Choose from gas, electric or induction cooktops in 30" or 36" widths to perfectly fit the design of your kitchen.

A Whirlpool® vent hood prominently displayed in a kitchen.

Cooking Appliances: Hoods

A Whirlpool® Cooking Suite is not complete without a fan system. Our line of hoods help remove steam, smoke and grease from the kitchen—keeping your kitchen fresh and your family cared for.

A hand selecting cooking settings on a smart microwave touch screen.

Cooking Appliances: Microwaves

Advanced cooking technology means you can do more with a Whirlpool® microwave. Available features on select microwaves, with convection and steam cooking makes it easy to prepare fresh, healthy meals for the ones you love, right in your microwave. Choose from a microwave/hood combination or countertop model to complete your family’s kitchen today.

Find the right Whirlpool® cooking appliances to outfit your kitchen

We make it easier to care for your family by designing cooking appliances engineered with advanced technology. Whether you’re whipping up comfort food, preparing Thanksgiving dinner, baking a birthday cake or just heating up leftovers, you need appliances that help you care for your family every day. That’s why our collection of cooking appliances, including microwaves, ovens and cooktops, is designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen to provide the best experience no matter what you’re making. Go for a clean and fresh look by pairing your white appliances with a white range for an on-trend all-white kitchen. Browse the full line of carefully crafted Whirlpool® cooking appliances to find the right technology for making mealtime fast, simple and more memorable.