Ventless dryers

What is a ventless dryer?

Ventless dryers are a good option for homes that aren’t equipped for vent-style dryer installation. A ventless dryer constantly recirculates air through the drum to pick up moisture from the clothes, then condenses the moisture later in the process through a heat exchanger. This contrasts with vented dryers, which push hot humid air outside through a dryer vent.

How does a ventless dryer work?

There are two types of ventless dryers, which are also called condensing dryers. 

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The first type uses a heater element coupled with an air-to-air heat exchanger to condense water from the humid air in order to dry clothes. This condensation process uses a secondary air path, known as room air, to cool the primary humid air path via the heat exchanger. This causes the water in the air to condense.

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The second type utilizes a compressor and heat exchangers and acts as a dehumidifier to condense the humid air through the evaporator heat exchanger. However, the difference in this process is the heat recovery. The secondary heat exchanger, called the condenser, is used to recover the heat and apply it to the drying process, which generally makes it more energy efficient. 

While these appliances use different processes, both types of ventless dryers collect the condensed water. Some ventless dryers have a container that needs to be emptied after each cycle. Others have a direct drain hose feature—either as an option or as a standard drain function. Before purchasing a ventless dryer, it’s important to decide which option best suits your family’s lifestyle.

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Ventless washer dryer combos

Ventless all-in-one washer dryer combinations are exactly what they sound like—a laundry appliance that combines the functions of a washer and a dryer. Simply load your clothes and choose your settings; this appliance runs a washing cycle, then transitions to a drying cycle using ventless technology. Because they combine two appliances into one, ventless washer dryer combos can be a great choice for families who live in apartments or homes in which space is at a premium.

Should I consider a ventless dryer?

If you live in an apartment and don't have access to a dryer vent or have limited space for your laundry appliances, it can be a challenge to find a dryer that fits your needs. Fortunately, ventless dryers can offer a solution. Popular in Europe for decades, ventless dryers — and more recently, ventless washer dryer combos — have started to catch on in the United States thanks to their space-saving properties. If you have limited space for laundry appliances or want energy-efficient options, a ventless dryer may be a good choice for your home.

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Smart All In One Washer Dryer

Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer:

Our ventless washer dryer combo is the ultimate space saver, allowing you to wash and dry your clothes in one full cycle. This Smart appliance allows you to set, start, pause and monitor the wash cycle via your phone or tablet so you can get laundry done at home or on the go*. Best of all, its ventless design allows this appliance to be installed almost anywhere. If space is at a premium in your home, the Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer may be a great choice for you.


* WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at

Front Load Ventless Heat Pump Dryer

Front Load Ventless Heat Pump Dryer

Need a ventless dryer that makes the most of your space? Our 7.4 cu.ft Front Load Ventless Heat Pump Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing can help. This appliance is a good option for most homes, and its Advanced Moisture Sensing feature adjusts the drying cycle as needed to save time and help prevent overdrying. Thanks to its ventless design, this appliance offers a broad range of installation options.

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