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French Door

Get easy organization and better visibility where you need it most, inside your refrigerator.

Explore Select Features:

This configuration offers generous fresh-food space.
Fresh food is at eye level for easy access, and wide items like baking trays and pizza boxes fit perfectly.
Designed to accommodate the items you buy most, this expansive layout features panoramic shelves and unique features to store 20% more.
Flexible storage zones in both the fresh and frozen sections help ensure you can always see what you have and find what you need.



Accessibility and optimal storage to keep your family’s favorites fresh.

Explore Select Features:

Offers a great balance of space for both frozen and fresh foods.
Gives you ample door bin space, making it easier to organize and access different-sized items.
Panoramic LED lighting makes finding items in your refrigerator easier by surrounding food with light.


Bottom Freezer

Bottom-mount freezer with easy access and a roomy interior for whatever you need to store.

Explore Select Features:

Keep fresh foods you use the most right within reach.
Your choice of pull-out drawer or swing-door-style freezers.
Available in smaller sizes for smaller kitchens or for use as a second refrigerator.


Top Freezer

Spacious and optimal storage conditions in a classic, no-frills configuration.

Explore Select Features:

Outstanding value and quality in a classic configuration.
Some models offer reversible doors so you can place them in more locations.
Available in smaller sizes for smaller kitchens or for use as a second refrigerator.