Our kitchen appliances help you store and cook food quickly and easily.


Find cooking appliances with the features you want and the price you need.


Get a complete set of kitchen appliances with Whirlpool® packages.


Innovations made to keep the day moving

Whirlpool® kitchen appliances provide organization and flexibility.


Purposeful organization

Spaces like the Infinity Slide Shelf and Platter Pocket give you room in your refrigerator for items your family uses most.

Whirlpool® kitchen appliances give you more time with the ones you love.
Whirlpool® kitchen appliances have the storage space you need.

Infinity Slide Shelf

Tall items fit right in with an adjustable center pane that slides back, stopping at any point to give you the room you need, even if it’s just an inch.

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Stow wide, flat items easily with the platter pocket space.

Platter Pocket

Keep wide, flat items like brownie pans, lasagna and pizza boxes tucked out of the way and safe from stacking.

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Trust our cooking appliances to get dinner ready faster.
From frozen to family time faster with Whirlpool cooking appliances.

Frozen Bake™ technology

Skip preheating frozen food like lasagna and pizza so you can get dinner from the oven to the table in less time.

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Discover flexible elements on our cooking appliances.

FlexHeat™ dual element

Get two elements in one. A 6″ inner ring is great for smaller pans while a 9″ outer ring makes room for larger cookware.

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Mealtime flexibility

Cooking appliance features like Frozen Bake technology and FlexHeat elements keep the family on schedule, even if they’re running behind.


Spotless cleanup

Features like the TotalCoverage Spray Arm and the Third Level Rack deliver the right cleaning and space for your family’s messes.

With Whirlpool® dishwashers, you can leave the clean-up to us.
Get a better clean with Whirlpool kitchen appliances.

TotalCoverage Spray Arm

Cleans with twice the jets for more coverage1 and targeted cleaning with increased water pressure.

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Whirlpool® dishwashers are easy to load

Third Level Rack

Take advantage of 37% more rack space2 to load more dishes and get extra room for hard-to-fit items.

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Whirlpool kitchen styles.
Whirlpool kitchen styles.


Appliances made for real life

We're bringing expanded color, finish and handle options to our lineup of Whirlpool appliances, so you can find the model with the right features for your family and the right look for your home. 

Whirlpool® kitchen appliances help you through every step in your meal

Whether it’s stocking the fridge with their favorites, baking cookies for an afternoon snack or enjoying a home-cooked meal as a family, the smallest daily tasks show them you care. That’s why Whirlpool brand delivers thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances to help keep your day moving smoothly. Choose from stainless kitchen appliance packages as you remodel everyone’s favorite room in the house, or find the replacement refrigerator, dishwasher or cooking appliance you need so you don’t miss a step. From the moment you bring home the groceries through the quick cleanup afterward, Whirlpool® kitchen appliances are there to make your life a little easier. Shop our full collection today to find the appliance package that fits your family’s needs.