How do gas and electric dryers stack up?

Gas vs. Electric Dryers: What Do I Need?

The three questions you need to ask


When it comes to your dryer, all that really matters is that your fuzzy socks come out warm and your dress shirts come out less wrinkled (using the Wrinkle Shield™ option, of course). But have you ever given a second thought about your dryer’s power source?

Surprisingly, when shopping for a new dryer, that’s exactly what your first consideration should be. Gas or electric: what’s right for you? Ask these three questions to help you find the dryer to bring the (right) heat — for every sock and dress shirt.

Gas vs. electric dryers: what's the difference?

1. What’s the difference between gas and electric dryers?


Whirlpool® gas dryers

Gas Dryers: Electricity powers the drum, fan, lights and controls, but natural gas or propane generates heat. 

Electric DryersElectricity powers the drum, fan, lights and controls and generates heat. 

Gas dryer vs. electric dryer benefits.

2. How do I know what I need?


Simply check the hookups in your laundry room. If you have a 110/115-volt electrical outlet (this is what every standard outlet looks like in your home) and a capped-off gas line nearby, you’re set up for a gas dryer. If you have a 240-volt electrical outlet, which is larger than a standard outlet and contains three or four holes, then you’re set up for electric.

3. Should I convert my hookups?


Go gas if:

Go electric if:

You already have (or are installing) a natural gas source.
Your laundry room is already equipped with a 240-volt electrical outlet. 
You’re planning on staying in your home for at least five years.
You’re looking for a lower MSRP than comparable gas models.
You’re looking for slightly faster dry times.
You want quick installation (no dedicated gas line required) and easy maintenance.

Heat up laundry day with Whirlpool


Now that you’ve made this critical initial decision, everything else will come easily. Gas and electric dryers offer comparable performance, innovation and convenience — and a variety of sizes/capacities and styles.

So whether you’re sanitizing baby clothes, ensuring his lucky shirt’s fresh and ready for the big test tomorrow or washing and drying her princess comforter because it’s covered in treats from last night’s sleepover, we’ll help you care better.

Check out our top picks below or shop all gas dryers and all electric dryers.

Explore Whirlpool® gas vs. electric dryers for your family's laundry loads.

Top gas and electric dryer picks to bring the heat


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