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What is a washer dryer combo?

A washer dryer combo is a single appliance that does the job of both a washing machine and a dryer. While this term sometimes refers to a unit that connects the washer and dryer into a stacked laundry center, an all-in-one washer dryer combo is just one machine that can help you save both time and space in your home.

An all-in-one washer dryer combo can be a great addition to any busy household that needs clean laundry at the ready for an early morning meeting or soccer practice after school.

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How do washer dryer combos work?

All-in-one washer dryer combos wash and dry clothing in one machine. They allow you to select a wash only cycle, dry only cycle, or both. Their wash function works similarly to that of a conventional front load washing machine, while their dryer function is either vented or ventless.

Do washer dryer combos dry clothes completely?

Ventless dryers can have longer dry times than vented units. While it is typically recommended that clothing items be placed loosely into the appliance to ensure they dry completely, you can consult your user manual for instructions specific to your model.

What are the benefits of all-in-one washers and dryers?

All-in-one washer dryer combos provide many benefits, including:

  • They can conveniently fit into an apartment, condo, or small-sized laundry room where space may be limited.

  • They save time by washing and drying clothes without manually transferring the load, so you can have clean, dry clothes waiting for you when you get home or wake up.

  • They allow you to wash or dry clothes independently.

  • Ventless systems offer more flexibility of placement in your home.

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Do washer dryer combos need a vent?

While washer dryer combos come in both ventless and vented options, the Whirlpool® All-In-One Washer & Dryer does not require a vent. Whether or not a unit is vented does not affect the wash cycle, but rather determines the method the appliance uses to dry clothes.

What’s the difference between vented and ventless washer dryer combos?

Both vented and ventless dryers work by heating air in the drum and pulling moisture from your clothes. Vented options work much the same as a traditional dryer. The unit heats air from the surrounding room and tumbles it with your clothes. The air picks up moisture, producing steam, and releases it outside of your house through a vent. As a result, vented options are much more limited in where they can be positioned in your home. Ventless options, on the other hand, condense the warm air and either pump it out of the drain hose or collect it in a condensation tank that the user manually empties.

Shop Whirlpool® Washer Dryer Combos

If you are ready to upgrade your washer or dryer to help keep laundry moving in your home, Whirlpool brand offers a variety of stacked laundry centers or the all-in-one combos to suit your family’s needs.

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