Big loads need big washers

There’s no doubt about it. In your house, the laundry loads are big and the stains are tough. Can you say mud pie splatters, grass stains and milk spills? And that’s not even half of it.


Care can certainly be messy. That’s why you need a washer large enough to help you take it on. So empty the hamper; we can help.


Whirlpool brand’s large capacity washers come in all styles: front-loading, top-loading agitators and top-loading impellers (learn about top-load washers vs. front-load washers here) and range from 3.5 – 5.3 cu. ft. That’s plenty of room for a mountain of clothes and your bulky items like comforters and blankets.

Compare our large capacity washers

Large capacity front-load washers

Large capacity front-load washers.


As the name implies, front-load washers let you load clothes from the front. This style offers a sleek and contemporary look with front controls in easy reach. Better yet, with our large capacity front-load washers, you can wash over three baskets of clothing1 in a single load.

Large capacity top-load washers

with an agitator

Large capacity top-load washers with agitator.


Trim and traditional, large capacity top-load washers bring the style and functionality you’re probably used to, with loading from the top and a control console in the back. They clean in one of two ways: with an agitator or an impeller.

An agitator is a tall central post in the wash basket that rubs against clothes to break apart stains and soils. At 3.5 cu. ft., our agitator washers are roomy enough for big and bulky loads.  

Large capacity top-load washers

with an impeller

Large capacity top-load washers with impeller.


An impeller is a low-profile cone, disc or plate that rotates, using low water levels and the gentle friction of clothes on clothes to get the load clean.

What’s right for your family?

So what large capacity washer is right for your mess? Shop the complete lineup of Whirlpool® washers. And then find a dryer to match. Because a complementary laundry pair helps you care better. You’ll hardly flinch at the mountain-sized laundry pile again.

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1. Based on 7-lb per basket.