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Best Whirlpool® Induction Cooktops in 2024 for you

With steady performance and reliability, induction cooktops have become a favorite for the level of control they offer in the kitchen. With a wide selection of styles and features, Whirlpool® Induction Cooktops can help you get dinner to the table fast. Keep reading to learn more about the best Whirlpool® Induction Cooktops for your lifestyle.

Food cooking on a Whirlpool® induction cooktop Food cooking on a Whirlpool® induction cooktop

What is an induction cooktop?

Unlike traditional stovetops that cook food using a flame or a heated surface, induction cooktops generate electromagnetic energy that reacts with compatible pots and pans to turn them into their own heat source. Because they do not transfer heat through the cooking surface, induction cooktops provide responsive heat adjustments and easy cleaning after meals.

What are the best induction cooktops?

With cooktops available for every home, Whirlpool® induction cooktops provide outstanding performance and reliability for getting food on the table. With flexible cooking and easy cleanup, your next meal will be a breeze.

24 Inch Adaptive Induction Cooktop

1. 24-inch adaptive induction cooktop

The 24-inch adaptive induction cooktop is the perfect selection for smaller kitchens, allowing you four elements to cook multiple pans without taking up your valuable counter space. The optional assisted cooking features also allow you to use your time more efficiently when prepping other dishes.

30 Inch Induction Cooktop

2. 30-inch induction cooktop

With Quick Clean Up and four powerful burners, the 30-inch induction cooktop is a great option for families of every size. Assisted Boil and Assisted Pan Frying allows you to keep prep work moving and get dinner to the table fast. Available in finishes like black and stainless steel, this induction cooktop is a great complement to your kitchen aesthetic.

Person selecting settings on an induction cooktop Person selecting settings on an induction cooktop

What to look for when buying an induction cooktop

For many, buying the right induction cooktop will come down to available features and how well the cooktop fits in your kitchen. When deciding which Whirlpool® induction cooktop to buy, pay attention to these key considerations.

Design Icon

1. Designs

Induction cooktops can be made to fit seamlessly with flush installation.

Power Boost Icon

2. Power Boost

Need to get dinner on the table quickly? The Booster can help you boil water faster, allowing you to cook your meals faster than before.

Pan Detection Icon

3. Pan Detection

You never have to guess which element is activated with Pan Detection. Every time you remove or replace a pan on an active element, a flashing symbol will alert you.

Control lock Icon

4. Control Lock

With the Control Lock mode, you can add an additional layer of safety to your induction cooktop. Control Lock allows you to disable the control panel, avoid unintended use and make cleanup easier.

Overhead view of an induction cooktop Overhead view of an induction cooktop

What are the benefits of an induction cooktop?

There are many benefits to induction cooking, including speed and responsiveness. With induction cooking, the energy transfers directly to the cookware, so little to no heat or energy is lost between the cooking surface and your food. Induction cooking also allows for increased responsiveness when shifting from heating to cooling; this allows you to move from a boil to a simmer and back again faster than with radiant electric cooktops. Finally, induction cooktops have a smooth surface that allow for easy cleaning.

What is a good wattage for an induction cooktop?

Wattage is a measurement of how much energy the induction cooktop will consume at its peak. A good wattage for an induction cooktop will depend entirely on your performance needs. For reference, Whirlpool® induction cooktops are available between 1500 and 2300 watts.

What is the difference between an induction cooktop and a glass cooktop?

Because induction cooktops are fitted with smooth glass tops, they can also be called glass cooktops. Glass cooktops can also refer to radiant cooktops, which differ from induction cooktops due to the internal mechanisms used to heat food. A radiant cooktop is more common in the U.S. and uses a heated coil beneath the glass surface to cook food.

 Person putting pasta in boiling water  Person putting pasta in boiling water

What types of pans can you use on an induction cooktop?

When cooking on an induction cooktop, the best pans to use are those that are induction ready. Examples of induction-ready pans include enameled steel, cast iron and magnetic stainless steel. Non-compatible pans include those made from glass and ceramic materials.

Note: To test your current pans for their induction readiness, flip them over and try placing a magnet on the bottom. If it sticks, they can likely be used for induction cooking.

Can you use aluminum pans on an induction cooktop?

Unfortunately, you cannot use most aluminum pans on an induction cooktop. Although a good choice for gas and electric stovetops for its responsiveness, aluminum does not channel electromagnetic currents. Some aluminum cookware have magnetized bases for use on induction cooktops.

Can you use cast iron on an induction cooktop?

Cast iron is ideal when cooking on an induction cooktop because its composition allows for electromagnetic currents to pass easily through it. Some might be worried that using cast iron cookware will scratch their induction cooktop; however, if you lift as opposed to drag your cast iron, you can help spare your cooktop from wear and tear.

A hand wiping down pasta splatter on an induction cooktop A hand wiping down pasta splatter on an induction cooktop

How do I clean an induction cooktop?

With the same smooth glass tops as their electric counterparts, induction cooktops are cleaned in a similar fashion. For daily maintenance, use a cleaning solution and a damp cloth and wipe down the surface area. When going for a deeper clean, make sure to scrape the cooktop surface before applying your solution.

Though induction cooktops do not generate heat on their own, some heat from the cookware can transfer back onto the surface. Make sure the cooktop is only slightly warm before scraping off spills, and completely cool before wiping down.

Is an induction cooktop worth buying?

If you are looking for increased precision in your cooking, relatively lower heat loss and the ability to easily wipe down your stovetop, induction cooktops are worth buying. Additionally, select Whirlpool® Induction Cooktops can bring water to a boil 25% faster than some radiant electric cooktops on average.1 Finding the right cooktop will vary by kitchen, but with so many great options to choose from, it’s possible to find the right fit.

Are induction cooktops energy efficient?

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, Induction cooktops are able to maintain high efficiency regardless of cookware size. Unlike gas and electric cooktops, induction cooktops heat only the cookware, so little additional energy is spent heating the rest of the appliance.

Shop Whirlpool® induction cooktops

Cooking dinner is easy with Whirlpool® induction cooktops. Make family-favorite meals in a fraction of the time with assisted cooking options and Power Boost elements. With induction technology, cooking creates fewer messes which leads to quick cleanup.

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1. Comparing the 3,000 watt induction element to a Whirlpool brand 3,000 watt radiant element.