Your kitchen is the scene for some of the most important moments of your day. So, if it’s on the small side, you’ll want an efficient layout that makes the most of every square inch. Compact, space-saving appliances can help optimize your kitchen’s workspace, flow and storage to make it the hub of family activity it’s meant to be.

Whirlpool makes power-packed and feature-rich cooking appliances such as ovens, cooktops, ranges and microwaves that are designed just for small kitchens as well as “skinny” appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers that minimize square footage while maximizing capacity and performance. Follow our guide and put your kitchen to work for your family with compact and flexible appliances that fit your space.

Electric cooktop built into white countertops

How to choose appliances for a compact kitchen design

A small kitchen’s primary focus should be helping you with all of your food storage, preparation and cleaning needs—without wasting any space. A well-designed small kitchen does all these things by making sure every inch fits your lifestyle. When choosing appliances for your small kitchen or small kitchen renovation, think about your existing layout and how your family uses your limited space the most. These considerations will help you decide where you’d like to dedicate more space in your kitchen, and where a compact appliance will be more space-efficient. You’ll find plenty of ways to customize your small kitchen to make it the perfect fit for you and your family.

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Wall oven built-into flat-panel, brown cabinets

Cooking appliances for small kitchens

Compact cooking appliances for small kitchens provide many options, functions and features you’ve come to expect from full-size appliances, but without the full-size footprint. When considering which small kitchen appliances to purchase, think about how often you cook, what you like to make and how many people you typically cook for. 

Understanding how you cook will help you focus on the features that matter most such as the number of burners on a range or how much capacity you need in an oven or microwave.

Space-saving cooktops

If you need a full-sized oven, but rarely cook on the stovetop, one way to save space in your compact kitchen design is to opt for a wall oven and a separate two-burner cooktop. This will free up some valuable countertop space for other food prep or storage needs. If a two-burner isn’t enough cooking space for your meals, a skinny cooktop provides all 4 burners while still reducing width and depth to better fit within limited countertop space.

Compact wall ovens

In addition to giving you back some counter space, wall ovens also come in smaller capacities that fit into narrow kitchen spaces. These models can also be installed as double oven units, so you can bake multiple dishes at separate settings for a full family meal—plus dessert! Features that ensure excellent baking results along with streamlined touch control digital displays make these compact Whirlpool® wall ovens simple to use and clean.

Microwave and range hood combos

Another way to save space in a smaller kitchen is by having one appliance handle the job of two or more. A microwave that doubles as a range hood can allow you to have fewer appliances and an even more streamlined small kitchen design. An over the range microwave also makes it more convenient to transfer items from cooktop to microwave.
Compact, slide-in gas range in a modern kitchen

“Skinny” cooking appliances

Skinny models shave off inches from the width of the appliance to save space. At just two feet wide or less, you’ll be able to fit a range or cooktop into a smaller kitchen design, whether it’s along a single wall, in a galley kitchen, or an L-shaped layout. Best of all, you’ll still get all the burners you need to sauté, flambé and simmer your favorite stovetop recipes.

When you’re cooking in a smaller kitchen, it’s important to have good ventilation so smoke, grease and odors don’t get trapped in your small space. Fortunately, slim rangehoods pair perfectly with skinny ranges to help clear the air, and add an extra touch of style for big impact in a small space.

Fit a range into your small kitchen

For families who love to cook and bake together, a skinny kitchen range can easily be incorporated into small kitchen designs. 24-inch ranges in gas and electric provide the performance you need while saving space. Learn more about range sizes and dimensions.

Range hoods for small spaces

Add a sleek look to your kitchen with a range hood or canopy hood in stainless steel. Small kitchens can provide all the functionality you need and the style you want with kitchen hoods designed for your limited space.
Woman loading food into a skinny refrigerator

Refrigerators for small kitchen spaces

This essential kitchen appliance is available from Whirlpool in compact sizes with flexible storage designs that maximize your usable space. Store all of your family’s fresh foods with ease and still have room for leftovers. You’ll find a range of features to help you organize and customize your cooling environment to meet your needs.

Skinny refrigerators save countertop space

With narrow widths of 24”, these skinny refrigerators free up horizontal space in a new build, leaving more room for countertops or other appliances. Many models are also counter-depth for an installation that’s virtually flush with your cabinets, helping you retrieve precious space in your small kitchen.

Counter-depth refrigerators for smaller kitchen layouts

If width is not a concern but the space in front of your refrigerator is limited, a counter-depth model can give you back the extra inches you need. These appliances do not stick out as far into your kitchen and align nearly flush with your cabinets. These larger cubic foot models can be a good option over the lower capacity of skinny fridges when you’re designing for a small kitchen and have room for a wider model.
Skinny stainless steel dishwasher with sleek exterior

Other skinny compact kitchen appliances for a small kitchen

Outfit your small kitchen with a full range of appliances that let you customize your space to truly fit your family. Limited space doesn’t have to mean limited potential with compact dishwashers, wine centers, ice makers and more from Whirlpool brand. Find out how to measure for the right dishwasher for your kitchen.

Shop other Whirlpool® kitchen appliances for small kitchens

Find space for an under counter ice maker in your small kitchen with 15-in models that hold up to 25 lbs. of ice. Keep your limited counter space clear of dishes with a skinny dishwasher that still holds eight place settings to power through family dinner night. Relax at the end of the day with wine stored at your perfect temperature in a wine center that stores up to 34 bottles.
Compact laundry tower behind a sliding closet door

Add laundry appliances to your kitchen

If your space is limited all around, kitchens can double as laundry centers to help you master household chores even more efficiently. Prep dinner while the washer runs, then swap the load or fold laundry while your casserole bakes. Everything is within reach to save you steps and time.

Whirlpool offers several space-saving laundry appliance combinations, such as a combined washer and dryer that can slide under your kitchen counter, a closet-depth model that can be hidden away, or a stackable unit that takes advantage of vertical space.

Washer and dryer units for small spaces and kitchens

These space-efficient appliances from Whirlpool provide laundry solutions that can be easily tucked into small kitchens for ultra convenient laundry access. From an all-in-one machines to stacked washer and dryer units, or full-sized front load washers and dryers connected with a stacking kit, you’ll find a solution to fit laundry into your small kitchen.

More tips for an ergonomic and efficient small kitchen design

In addition to using compact appliances and built-ins, some other design tricks will help you make the most of the space in your small kitchen by increasing your storage capacity and opening up the space to feel bigger:

  • Cabinets that go to the ceiling. Standard cabinets often leave up to 12” of space at the top. The additional linear feet of shelving from choosing taller cabinets offsets the loss of some openness at the ceiling level. You’re trading dead space for storage space.

  • Use glass cabinet doors or open shelving. Trading some of your upper cabinets for open shelves or substituting glass doors for solid wood will help your smaller kitchen feel more airy and open. Plus, items will be conveniently within reach.

  • Strategic lighting. Under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and interior cabinet lighting will help brighten the space and make it easier to see while prepping and cooking food.

  • Lighter or more neutral colors. Darker colors can be elegant, but in a small space they can contribute to making the kitchen feel more cramped. Opt for bright whites or yellow, or light-colored wood. For appliances, white, stainless steel, or panel-ready appliances to match your lighter cabinets tend to work best for smaller kitchens.
Compact microwave over a compact electric range

Small kitchens packed with potential

There’s a reason small kitchens are coming back into style. The many benefits of a small kitchen include tighter work triangles for more efficient meal prep, less area to keep clean and combo appliances that provide extra functionality and flexibility for your square footage. With a wide selection of compact appliances to make your kitchen both functional and beautiful —you’ll be ready for your own small kitchen remodel. Whirlpool is here to help.

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