Kitchen with white cabinets, built-in oven and overhead microwave.

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White kitchen featuring Whirlpool® stainless steel appliances

Appliance colors: 4 options for your kitchen

As the place where families tend to spend a good portion of their time, it’s fitting that the kitchen is often called the heart of the home. Considering the amount of time you spend working in your kitchen, it’s natural to want your space to not only be efficient and organized, but to fit your style, too. With so many appliance colors and finishes available, you can turn your kitchen into a working space that is both functional and convenient, but also stylish.

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Gray kitchen featuring Whirlpool® stainless steel appliances

1. Stainless steel kitchen appliances

A popular color and finish for appliances, stainless steel offers a high-end look to kitchens while also making them fairly easy to wipe down and clean. Stainless steel appliances can offer plenty of versatility, providing a sleek look that accentuates a number of designs and styles ranging from modern to rustic. 

Mix natural elements like wood floors, cabinets or countertops with stainless steel appliances for a blended feel of natural warmth and clean lines. For appliances that can withstand just about any fad, stainless steel can provide a timeless choice for any kitchen. Whirlpool offers a line of fingerprint-resistant stainless appliances that easily wipe clean, so no matter what the day brings, your appliances can always stay gleaming.

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Gray kitchen featuring Whirlpool®  appliances in black stainless steel

2. Black stainless steel kitchen appliances

Black stainless brings an updated and modern take on the classic stainless steel finish. You can find black stainless in both glossy and matte finishes, so you can incorporate it into various personal tastes and styles. 

Appliances in black stainless can soften up your space–their darker hue doesn’t have the industrial feel that traditional stainless steel can sometimes have. Whirlpool brand also offers fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel appliances with a matte finish that resists wear, fingerprints and smudges and easily wipes clean.

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Gray kitchen featuring Whirlpool®  appliances in white

3. White kitchen appliances

One of the most common colors for appliances, white has been a popular choice for several decades. It offers a more traditional look and feel to your kitchen while also brightening up the space. White appliances can be more cost-effective than other colors available without having to compromise on features, so they can be a budget-friendly choice.

White is also a neutral shade, so whether you’re going with soft tones or bold shades of color, white appliances can complement just about any palette. Additionally, if your kitchen lacks natural light, you can lighten things up with white appliances.

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Gray kitchen featuring Whirlpool®  appliances in black

4. Black kitchen appliances

Another popular option, black appliances look great in big and spacious kitchens and if you have white or light cabinets. Black has been a top appliance color for years, proving it an enduring and sophisticated choice for a kitchen that is both efficient and elegant. And because it’s still considered a neutral, black appliances can be a good option for many different styles of kitchen–from an ultramodern monochromatic look, to more classic designs.

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Kitchen featuring Whirlpool® appliances in black

What are the most popular appliance colors?

You can count on stainless steel being a consistently popular option for appliances for years to come. White, black and black stainless are also among popular choices for appliances, and panel-ready appliances can be customized to blend in with your cabinets. 

Can you mix appliance colors?

Often, kitchens tend to have their appliances match by color, finish and manufacturer. If choosing to mix and match the same color or finish, it may be better that it come from the same brand, since different manufacturers tend to have their own variations of a certain color or finish. However, seeing as stainless steel, black and white are all considered neutral shades, you can definitely use them to mix and match if you’re looking to add more pops of colors like a bold shade of red or electric blue.

Kitchen featuring Whirlpool® range and microwave in white

How do I find the right color kitchen appliances for my home?

The color you choose for your appliances really depends on your own personal tastes and preferences. If you want something that will last a long time in terms of design and durability, then stainless steel will always be a great option, since it’s a neutral color and will go with a variety of styles. Black also blends well with several different palettes, and white can look great when you want to add brighter pops of color in your kitchen.

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