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7 refrigerator trends, styles and colors for 2024

From convenient features to finishes, configurations and more, refrigerator trends evolve to keep pace with modern-day homes and family habits. Learn more about seven emerging trends below, as well as which refrigerator styles offer the most space for your family in 2024.

What is the latest trend in refrigerators?

Innovative refrigerator designs with flexible storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Multi-door models and refrigerator styles with exterior drawers—like this Whirlpool® French Door Refrigerator—make it easier for families to fit and find food in spaces that make the most sense for how they shop, cook and snack.

Fridge trends to try this year

Your family’s ideal refrigerator is likely influenced by both form and function, and the refrigerator trends for 2024 take both into account. Discover the trends in refrigerator organization features, finishes, lighting, styles and more below.

Whirlpool® Refrigerator with exterior drawer pulled out and full of food

1. Temperature-controlled drawer

These drawers let you set the temperature separate from the main compartment so you can adjust it to accommodate what you’re storing. Select Whirlpool® Refrigerators feature an exterior drawer that keeps your family’s favorite items within easy reach and lets you customize the climate to help keep food at peak freshness.

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2. Fingerprint-resistant finish

Keeping your refrigerator’s exterior clear of fingerprints and smudges is easier said than done, but the trending fingerprint-resistant finish on modern refrigerators can help you keep smears and sticky fingerprints at bay. Not all stainless steel appliances are fingerprint resistant, but Whirlpool brand offers a fingerprint-resistant finish on select stainless steel and black stainless steel refrigerators. That way, you can enjoy an easy-to-clean exterior without compromising your vision for your kitchen’s aesthetic

Close-up of a refrigerator water dispenser using the Measured Fill option

3. Measured fill water dispenser

Trending refrigerators pack extra features into water and ice dispensers to help streamline the day’s tasks. Dispensers on select Whirlpool® French Door and Side-by-Side Refrigerators feature a Measured Fill option that lets you select the exact amount of filtered water you need, then automatically fills your container accordingly and shuts off when it’s done.

Empty bottom freezer drawer pulled out with LED lighting activated

4. LED lighting

Refrigerator lighting is designed to handle cold temperatures, but LED lighting goes the extra mile as it casts a bright, uniform light over your food to help you see what’s inside. When looking for the best refrigerator for your space, consider how LED lighting can help banish shadows from the back corners of refrigerator shelving so items like leftovers are less likely to get overlooked.

A refrigerator’s in-door ice maker full of ice

5. Faster ice production

Integrated ice makers eliminate the hassle of filling and storing ice trays, but some may have a harder time keeping up with your family’s habits. Some refrigerator dispensers include features that amp up ice production when you need it most. For instance, ice makers on select Whirlpool® Refrigerators feature a Fast Ice option that drops the freezer’s temperature for a full 24 hours to increase ice production by up to 30%.1

A Whirlpool® Undercounter Wine Refrigerator stocked with wine bottles

6. Undercounter refrigerators

Undercounter refrigerators—sometimes referred to as beverage centers or wine refrigerators—fit snuggly amidst undercounter cabinetry to provide quick and convenient cold storage. These trending refrigerators make it easier to store your beverages and snacks in a convenient location and help make entertaining a breeze. Whirlpool brand offers undercounter beverage and wine centers with select models offering features like custom temperature control, glass doors and LED lighting to help you fit and find your favorite beverages.

Whirlpool® French Door Refrigerator in a suite of stainless steel Whirlpool brand appliances

7. 4-door refrigerators

Four-door refrigerators feature two separate refrigerator compartments on top and two separate freezer compartments below to help you stay organized. Some models may even include a flexible compartment that can switch between freezing and refrigerating food based on your food storage needs. Four-door models like this refrigerator from Whirlpool brand help maximize accessibility so it’s easy to cut down on clutter and find what you’re looking for. 

What style of refrigerator has the most space?

You’re more likely to find large capacity refrigerators in French door and side-by-side configurations, but each refrigerator type offers unique benefits to accommodate how different families function. French door, bottom freezer and top freezer refrigerators typically feature more refrigerator capacity than freezer space, while side-by-side refrigerators usually have slightly more freezer space than other configurations and keep both fresh and frozen items at eye level.

Explore Whirlpool® Refrigerators

Whirlpool® Refrigerators have the styles, capacities, finishes and features your family needs to operate smoothly. Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators make it easy for guests to help themselves to beverages without rummaging through the fridge. Features like the Infinity Slide Shelf and Flexi-Slide™ Bin—available on select models—let you customize your fridge’s storage space to accommodate what you load inside.

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1. Compared to normal ice production.