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Undercounter refrigerators buying guide

Undercounter refrigeration can help simplify mealtime and make entertaining effortless. With various types of undercounter refrigerators, you can keep food, wine and even ice in convenient locations. Understanding what undercounter refrigerators are and their various features can help you select the ideal appliance for your home. 

Keep reading to discover what type of Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerator best meets your needs.

Undercounter wine refrigerator with sleek stainless finish Undercounter wine refrigerator with sleek stainless finish

What is an undercounter fridge?

An undercounter refrigerator is smaller than a standard refrigerator and is designed to be installed under your kitchen island or countertops. These compact appliances can help you save fridge space and keep your favorite items within reach, such as beverages, wine and your family’s favorite snacks.

What are the different types of undercounter refrigerators?

Wine coolers, beverage centers and icemakers are common types of undercounter refrigerators. Each option comes with different features and capabilities to suit your kitchen and your family’s needs. Read more to discover which is ideal for your home.

Whirlpool brand undercounter wine refrigerator

1. Undercounter wine fridge

During holidays, special occasions or whenever you want to serve perfectly chilled wine to family and guests, undercounter refrigerators make a valuable addition to the kitchen. Whirlpool® Wine Refrigerators feature LED Interior Lighting and customizable temperature zones so finding and storing your favorites is simple.

Whirlpool brand undercounter beverage center

2. Undercounter beverage centers

Undercounter beverage refrigerators are a convenient way to keep your family’s drinks chilled without taking up valuable counter space. Whirlpool® Beverage Coolers allow you to customize the temperature settings, so you can serve up drinks at just the right temperature.

Whirlpool brand undercounter icemaker

3. Undercounter icemakers

Undercounter icemakers can store a large amount of ice while staying neatly tucked underneath your countertops. Great for entertaining during the warmer months and summertime activities with your family, Whirlpool® Undercounter Icemakers can hold up to 25 lbs. of ice at once.

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Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators and Icemakers help you stay organized with purposeful spaces for your items. Free up space in your freestanding refrigerator by storing refreshing beverages and chilled wine in your undercounter refrigerator instead, or get more storage for ice with an undercounter icemaker.

Up close image of wine bottles in an undercounter fridge Up close image of wine bottles in an undercounter fridge

5 undercounter refrigerator features to look for

Understanding the features of undercounter refrigerators can help you determine which one is best for you. Discover the top features to look for when buying an undercounter refrigerator to find the appliance that will fit your family’s needs and your kitchen’s style.

Whirlpool brand icemaker with a stainless finish

1. Size

Start by narrowing down your options based on your desired undercounter refrigerator size and the dimensions of the installation space.

Whirlpool brand undercounter fridge with towel bar

2. Door style

Some undercounter refrigerators, such as wine coolers, feature glass doors that can add a sleek look to your kitchen. Options, like this Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerator, have reversible doors that accommodate unique spaces.

Undercounter refrigerator with fingerprint-resistant stainless finish

3. Finish

Choosing a finish for your undercounter refrigerator can help your new appliance blend with the rest of your kitchen’s interior. Fingerprint-resistant stainless finishes are great for family settings, as they make wiping away fingerprints and smudges effortless.

Interior light from beverage center shining on soda cans

4. Interior lighting

Select models of Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators, like the 24-inch Wide Undercounter Refrigerator with Towel Bar Handle, feature LED Interior Lighting that keeps food and drinks looking as good as it tastes, while also making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Wine bottles and miscellaneous beverages in an undercounter fridge

5. Temperature controls

Having the right temperature controls can help keep your items stored at the recommended temperature. Select Whirlpool brand models feature Single and Dual-Temperature Controlled Zones so you can customize temperature settings and store items exactly how you want.

Can you put a freestanding wine fridge undercounter?

Freestanding wine fridges aren’t designed for installation under countertops. These wine fridges may also have back vents that prevent them from being placed close to walls or cabinetry. Instead, consider Whirlpool® Undercounter Wine Refrigerators that are made to fit seamlessly under your counters.

 Fully stocked open undercounter refrigerator in a kitchen  Fully stocked open undercounter refrigerator in a kitchen

What size fridge fits under your counter?

To determine what size fridge fits under your counter, first consider your countertops’ height, your refrigerator’s dimensions and where your fridge will go. Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators are designed to be installed underneath countertops, which are typically 36 inches tall.

What’s the difference between a mini fridge and undercounter fridge?

Mini fridges can be transported and are usually smaller than undercounter refrigerators. Unlike mini fridges, undercounter fridges are intended to function like a regular refrigerator but can fit into more compact spaces.

Select Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators include features that mini fridges may not come with, such as Dual-Temperature Controlled Zones that let you store beverages at two different temperatures and Temperature Sensor Alerts that notify you when cold air is escaping.

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Whirlpool® Undercounter Refrigerators and Icemakers help you keep beverages, snacks and ice in accessible locations, which may help you better serve your loved ones during events or parties. Browse these Whirlpool brand models to find the right undercounter refrigerator for your needs.

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