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Choose the best Whirlpool® dryer to care for your daily laundry needs

From saving energy with the EcoBoost option to Refresh Cycles that help prevent wrinkles from setting in, Whirlpool offers a variety of functions designed to help you do more to care for your family’s laundry. Compare dryers below by selecting the box under each product for a side-by-side view of up to four at a time, or filter by feature, size, utility and more to find the best dryer for your needs. Whirlpool offers ventless dryers which require no external venting, small and undercounter dryers to fit in laundry rooms with limited space, and large capacity dryers with quad baffles to evenly distribute heat to dry even your large loads. Browse our full selection to select the best dryer for your home and family.. 

Gas or electric

Whirlpool® Gas and Electric dryers offer performance and convenience, but not all homes can accommodate both options. Both gas and electric dryers require electricity, but gas models require a gas hookup to be installed. Whirlpool offers a selection of dryers in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your family’s laundry needs.

Dryer finishes

In addition to powerful performance and innovative features, Whirlpool® Dryers come in a variety of colors to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a white, Chrome Shadow or Cashmere finish, Whirlpool has dryer options that will be the perfect match for your laundry room.