Front-Control Dishwashers

  • 1-Hour Wash (7)
  • Energy Star® Certified (7)
  • Fingerprint Resistant Colors Available (1)
  • Kosher Consumer Friendly (3)
  • Sensor Cycle (3)
  • Stainless Steel Tub (1)
  • Whirlpool Handle (1)
  • Black Stainless
    Black Stainless (1)
  • Built-In (Hidden Control Console)
    Built-In (Hidden Control Console) (1)
  • Compact
    Compact (2)
  • Kitchen Collections
    Kitchen Collections (1)
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11 Results
Model #: WDT730PAHV
MSRP $849.00
MSRP $799.00
Model #: WDF520PADM
MSRP $629.00
Model #: WDF331PAHS
MSRP $589.00
MSRP $949.00
Model #: WDF540PADM
MSRP $679.00
Model #: UDT555SAHP
MSRP $899.00
Model #: WDF130PAHS
MSRP $469.00
MSRP $949.00

Pair clean, classic designs and advanced technology with Whirlpool® front-panel control dishwashers

Sometimes showing you care is just keeping things simple. With front-control dishwashers you can skip the hand-washing and take advantage of an easy-to-use external interface that gets your cycle started with just the press of a button. If you’re also looking to keep things stylish, Whirlpool front-panel-ready options for dishwashers blend into your cabinet design. We also offer black, white and stainless models with front controls. No matter what look you want in your home, with Whirlpool, you’ll have the technology and features you need to clean up after meals with ease. Browse and compare features including a 1-hour wash cycle, AccuSense™ Soil Sensor, Tall Tubs and stainless steel interiors to find a front-control dishwasher that’s right for your family.