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6 reasons a dryer is making loud noises

Dryers typically make a gentle whir as they dutifully dry your family’s clothes. However, when your dryer begins to emit loud or unsettling noises, it tends to quickly grab your attention. These noises could be an easy fix, or they might signal trouble. Read on to learn why your dryer might be making loud noises and a few potential solutions for the problem.

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Why is my dryer making a loud noise?

While some dryer sounds are normal, others might signal a problem with your dryer or dryer parts. Whether you hear clicking, thumping, squeaking or other noises coming from your dryer, you likely want to get to the bottom of it. Read on to learn more about different types of dryer noises and what might be causing them.

1. Dryer making a grinding noise

If your dryer is making a grinding noise, it may have old or worn drum bearings or glides. If you think this may be the case, it is best to contact a professional for assistance, as this may require disassembling parts of your machine.

2. Dryer making a squeaking noise

A squeaking noise coming from the dryer could indicate a number of different issues. The first step will be to determine where the squeaking is coming from. Try leveling and tightening the legs of the dryer first to see if that solves the issue. 

If the sound comes from the front of the dryer, it may be caused by a worn-out idler pulley. Usually, when the idler pulley doesn’t rotate smoothly, it means the part needs to be replaced.

If the sound is coming from the back of the dryer, it might be caused by faulty drum bearings, roller shafts, drum glides or a drive belt. 

If your dryer has a worn-out bearing—located on the rear wall of your dryer—this may be the culprit behind some squeaking noises during its cycles. For older dryer models, replacing this component might be necessary, and it’s usually fairly inexpensive to do so. These sounds could also be due to misaligned motor mounts on top of the appliance. You can adjust these mounts relatively easily to potentially resolve the issue. 

Contact a professional if you suspect your dryer needs any of these repairs.

3. Dryer making a loud rumbling noise

If your dryer is making a loud rumbling noise, it may be due to the blower wheel, which circulates air within the drum and expels it through the rear vent. This noise can result from the blower wheel being loose, off-balance, or obstructed by lint or debris. When functioning correctly, the blower wheel turns both the motor and drum. If these components fail to spin together or the rumbling persists, seek professional assistance. You may need professional assistance to identify this issue.

4. Dryer making a rattling noise

If your dryer is making a rattling noise, it might be because of small hardware or items like zippers, buckles, buttons or loose coins inside the drum. Also, objects leaning against the dryer or on top of it can sometimes cause knocking or rattling sounds. Always check the pockets of your clothes for loose items before placing your clothes inside your dryer.

To stop the washer’s vibrations from affecting the dryer, make sure there’s some space between the appliances. And if your dryer is on a pedestal, items inside its drawer might also make rattling or vibrating noises.

The exhaust tube pushing back into the unit too far can also cause a rattling noise, but this is also an easy problem to remedy.

5. Dryer making a thumping noise

When clothes bunch up in the dryer, it can cause a thumping noise. Items like sheets, curtains and bedspreads are prone to rolling into a ball, leading to noises or vibrations. To help prevent this, loosely place large items in the dryer and untangle any bunching before drying. Additionally, tumbling tennis shoes can make the dryer shake, so use a drying rack to air dry them. 

If the dryer hasn’t been used for a while, it might produce a light thumping sound initially. This occurs because the drum support rollers may flatten where they touch the drum when not in use. As the dryer runs, the rollers should regain their shape, eliminating the noise.

6. Dryer making a clicking noise

If you own a gas dryer, it’s normal to hear the gas valve clicking on during operation. This sound typically occurs multiple times throughout the drying cycle to maintain the desired temperature.

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Why is my dryer making noise but not spinning?

If your dryer isn’t spinning, but you can hear the motor running, the dryer belt may be broken. The dryer belt helps rotate the drum, allowing your clothes to dry. Over time, the belt can become worn down and might eventually need to be replaced. If you suspect this is the issue, contact a professional to replace it.

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