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Why is my dryer not spinning?

Making sure your dryer is performing at its best is essential to tackling laundry day and streamlining your routine. If your dryer isn’t spinning, there are some common issues that may be at play. Learn more about why your dryer may not be tumbling so you can continue to care for your family’s clothes.

How to troubleshoot your dryer

There are a handful of common culprits behind why a dryer won’t spin, but dryers that are operated according to user guidelines don’t typically malfunction. Finding a solution to get your appliance up and running again may simply require investigating some common reasons below. Otherwise, it may be time to upgrade your laundry day process and appliances.

10 possible reasons why your dryer is not spinning

If your dryer won’t spin properly or fails to complete an entire cycle, this issue may be solved with a simple fix. Here are common reasons behind a dryer not spinning: 

  • Power cord wasn’t properly installed
  • Dryer is unplugged
  • Dryer door isn’t completely closed or latched
  • Dryer Control Lock is on
  • Circuit breaker box needs evaluated
  • Broken dryer belt
  • Broken dryer motor
  • Dryer drum is seized
  • Malfunctioning drum rollers

  • Broken dryer electronic control board

Gray electrical cord for a dryer.

1. Power cord wasn’t properly installed

Electric dryers need to have a 240-volt power supply connected to your wall outlet in order to operate properly. You will also need to make sure your dryer is connected to a three or four wire power cord, is completely plugged into a proper wall outlet, and has been installed properly. Check with a qualified electrician or review your installation instructions for solutions to this issue. You can help avoid this issue with a Whirlpool® dryer by opting for professional installation.

Folded dryer plug.

2. Dryer is unplugged

One of the simplest fixes for a dryer that won’t spin is to double check that your dryer is plugged in. You should also check that your plug is in good condition and fully connected to the outlet. If your dryer has been unplugged, just plug it back in and continue with your laundry day.

Unsecured dryer latch.

3. Dryer door isn’t completely closed or latched

Double check that your dryer door is completely closed before you start a cycle. If your dryer appears to be closed, the reason your dryer won’t spin may be due to the door not properly latching. Push the door to ensure that it latches completely. Be aware that some dryer models have a top and bottom latch, both of which must be secure or your dryer won’t start.

Whirlpool® dryer control panel.

4. Dryer Control Lock is on

If you’re still experiencing issues with your dryer not starting, it could be that your Control Lock is on. This is a safety feature designed to prevent unintended use of your appliance. Refer to your owner’s manual to turn off this feature.

White front load Whirlpool® dryer.

5. Circuit breaker box needs evaluated

If you notice that your dryer is still not working, try checking your circuit breaker, specifically the dryer fuse. It’s possible that your dryer fuse may have flipped. In that case, you can solve this problem by turning your breaker on.

Dryer belt folded into a circle.

6. Broken dryer belt

Over time, your dryer belt may experience some wear and tear that can cause your dryer to stop spinning. Your dryer belt helps your appliance rotate the drum, which can help your clothes and other items dry properly. You can tell your dryer belt may have worn out if you can hear your dryer motor running, but your dryer isn’t spinning. If this is the case, the belt may need to be replaced by a professional.

Dryer motor.

7. Broken dryer motor

Your dryer’s motor helps to turn your dryer belt so that the drum rotates and spins. If your motor is broken, your dryer will no longer spin or dry clothes properly. It’s recommended that you enlist the help of a professional to replace your dryer motor.

Dryer drum inside of a dryer.

8. Dryer drum is seized

Try taking a look inside your dryer and attempt to move the dryer drum by hand. If it’s difficult to move the dryer drum, it’s possible that your dryer drum has seized. Call a repair technician to get this issue properly diagnosed.

Dryer drum rollers.

9. Malfunctioning drum rollers

If your dryer won’t spin or if it makes a loud, rumbling sound when in use, it’s possible your drum rollers are malfunctioning. Typically, drum rollers are installed in sets, so you may need to replace all of them at the same time. Consult a professional to determine if the drum rollers in your dryer will need to be replaced.

Electronic Whirlpool® dryer control board.

10. Broken dryer electronic control board

Your dryer’s control board sends power to various parts of your dryer, the motor being one of them. If all other components of the dryer are functioning properly but the dryer still won’t run, the control board may need to be replaced. To understand the root cause of your dryer not spinning, hire a professional to properly diagnose the problem.

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Shop Whirlpool® replacement parts

Once you’ve found the issue behind your dryer not spinning, you may need replacement parts to fix your dryer. Whirlpool® dryer replacement parts and accessories can help you or a professional quickly complete your repair. If you are unsure which parts you need for your model, contact a professional to help.

Common dryer spinning troubleshooting questions

When troubleshooting issues relating to your dryer, it’s normal to wonder how this impacts your laundry day routine. Here are some answers to commonly asked troubleshooting questions regarding your dryer not spinning.

Can you still use a dryer if it doesn’t spin?

Continuing to use a dryer that doesn’t spin but heats your laundry items isn’t a good idea. Dryers spin in order to blow hot air throughout your load as your clothes tumble in the drum to vaporize any excess water. If you continue to use a dryer that doesn’t spin, your clothes may remain damp after your cycle is finished.

You may also further damage components of your dryer if you continue to use it if it doesn’t spin. To prevent further damage to your dryer, refrain from using it and instead contact Whirlpool® professional repair services for help.

Should I repair or replace a dryer that won’t spin?

Consider the age of your appliance and the cost of potential repairs. If you’re satisfied with your dryer overall, then it may be worth repairing. However, if the repair comes at a time when you’re ready to upgrade, replacing your old dryer can allow you to choose a new model with the exact features you want. 

If you find that your dryer won’t spin, you may want to look into solutions for this issue. Whirlpool® offers warranties and professional repair services that can be helpful when looking to fix your appliance. If you want to replace your appliance, here’s what to consider when buying a new dryer.

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Whirlpool® dryers are equipped with unique features that can help you tackle anything laundry day throws at you. Advanced Moisture Sensing can help you breeze through each cycle with efficiency by adapting drying times to the size of your load.

Contact Whirlpool® professional service

There’s never an ideal time for your appliance to experience issues, however, if it does happen you want to be sure you’re prepared. Any time you notice your dryer is not performing the way that it should or you think there may be issues present that you alone cannot fix, Whirlpool brand can help you repair your appliance through professional repair services.

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