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9 types of ovens

An oven is the central hub of your kitchen, and you rely on it to help you make your family's favorite meals. When you're shopping for a new oven, there are several factors to consider. Understanding the features, capabilities and configurations of each type of oven will help you find the right model for your kitchen. Read on below to learn more about different types of ovens and how to know which option is right for you.

What are the different types of ovens?

There are several different types of ovens that vary based on size, configuration, heating elements, fuel type and specialized features. Each type of oven has its own benefits and drawbacks to consider before you select one for your home.

Stainless steel Whirlpool® electric range with double oven Stainless steel Whirlpool® electric range with double oven

Ovens based on configuration

One of the first things to consider when shopping for a new oven is which configuration will fit best in your kitchen. 

Whether you choose a range or a wall oven, Whirlpool brand offers a wide selection of ovens with innovative features that can help make cooking for your family easier.

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1. Range oven

Ranges offer the best of both worlds by combining a cooktop and an oven. These ovens are a great option for smaller kitchens that don’t have room for two separate appliances. Most ranges come in freestanding, slide-in and double oven options. Learn more about the different types of ranges.

  • Freestanding ranges: These options feature a built-in backsplash that usually houses the display and some of the controls. Freestanding ranges can be installed as either a stand-alone appliance or as a built-in between cabinets, making them a flexible choice for a variety of kitchen layouts.

  • Slide-in ranges: Slide-ins are designed as built-in appliances that offer an upgraded and seamless look. This design helps to create clean lines and prevent crumbs from falling between the appliance and the surrounding cabinets.

  • Double oven ranges: Ranges with a double oven offer two separate oven spaces so you can simultaneously cook multiple dishes at varying temperatures.

Stainless steel Whirlpool® wall oven in a modern kitchen

2. Wall ovens

Wall ovens are installed directly into the wall or cabinets to free up floor space and create a premium look in your kitchen. They do not feature a cooktop, so one will have to be installed separately. Wall ovens typically come in single or double oven configurations. Learn more about the types of wall ovens.

  • Single wall oven: This option offers versatility in its installation as it can be installed in a wall, cabinet or underneath a countertop due to its smaller size.

  • Double wall oven: Like double oven ranges, a double wall oven offers an additional oven cavity. Both oven spaces are usually the same size, providing double the cooking space. Double wall ovens are great for creating large, multi-course meals that require different cooking temperatures, settings and times.

Pancakes cooking on a Whirlpool® gas range Pancakes cooking on a Whirlpool® gas range

Ovens based on fuel type

There are two main oven fuel types: gas and electric. Most kitchens are already equipped for an electric range or oven, while you may need to install a dedicated gas line should you choose a gas option. Gas ranges will feature gas burners on the stovetop, and electric ranges will have electric coils as burners.

Be sure to contact a professional about making a gas connection if you are planning on installing a gas oven in your kitchen.

Gas burner

3. Gas ovens

Gas ovens are ideal for baking and keeping recipes like roasts juicy on the inside. This fuel type also typically yields fast cooking times and can preheat slightly faster than electric models. Wall ovens usually do not come in a gas fuel type, so you may have to choose between having gas fuel and having a built-in wall oven when it comes down to making a decision.

Select Whirlpool® gas ranges offer features like Scan-to-Cook Technology that uses the barcode on your frozen food packages to select the proper temperature and cook time along with Frozen Bake™ Technology so you can skip preheating and enjoy your frozen favorites faster.

Electric burner

4. Electric ovens

Electric ovens are the most common type of oven found in homes. They offer consistent, even heating and can be powered by either a standard 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt circuit depending on the model. 


Electric ovens are great options for baking pastries as the heat provided is typically more consistent throughout the baking process.

Chicken and vegetables roasting in a convection oven Chicken and vegetables roasting in a convection oven

Ovens based on heating style

When shopping for a new oven, you will also want to weigh the pros and cons of conventional and convection-style ovens, both of which are available as ranges or wall ovens. Read on below to discover the differences between these types of ovens.

Salmon with lemon roasting in a convection oven

5. Convection oven

Convection ovens utilize a fan and exhaust system to circulate hot air around the oven cavity to help with even temperatures from rack to rack. 


Convection ovens share these benefits:

  • Promotes browning, crisping and roasting.

  • Ideal for multi-rack cooking and may reduce the need to rotate dishes between oven racks.

  • Circulated air flow allows for long baking times that won’t create an over-dried result.

Chicken and vegetables roasting in a conventional oven

6. Conventional oven

A conventional oven does not use a fan to circulate air and instead uses a traditional gas or electric heating element to generate heat. This type of oven is typically the most familiar to consumers. 


Conventional ovens also:

  • Offer familiar functionality.

  • Allow you to achieve different cooking results depending on which rack a baking dish is placed.
  • Provide the still environment needed for delicate recipes like cakes.

Smart phone connecting to a Whirlpool® smart oven Smart phone connecting to a Whirlpool® smart oven

Ovens with specialized features

Finding an oven with the right features can help you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying meals with your family. Consider options with smart capabilities, self-cleaning functions and enhanced cooking features.

Person selecting a cook setting on a Whirlpool® smart oven

7. Smart ovens

Smart ovens can help you to cut down on the time it takes to get dinner on the table by allowing you to monitor and control your oven using voice commands or your smartphone. Many smart ovens allow you to remotely control temperature and bake settings, so you can check other tasks off your list of chores while dinner is being prepared.


You can browse the entire line of Whirlpool brand smart ovens to help you handle meals while you’re busy elsewhere.

Person cleaning a cooktop with a yellow dish rag

8. Self-cleaning ovens

Self-cleaning ovens feature a setting that uses either high or low heat to loosen spills and baked-on food debris to help make after-dinner cleanup easier. Traditional self-cleaning ovens use higher temperatures that burn soils to a powder that you can easily wipe away.


Some self-cleaning ovens offer a steam-clean feature that uses water to loosen and soften food particles so you can easily wipe them away.

Chicken wings cooking in an air fry oven

9. Ovens with air fry capabilities

If you’re limited on counter space or just prefer single appliances that can do the job of many, you may want to consider an oven with cooking capabilities like air frying. These options can perform the basic tasks of a typical oven while providing the capabilities of other appliances like an air fryer. 


Air frying helps to create crispy results similar to a deep fryer without the use of excess cooking oil. Ovens with air fry capabilities circulate hot air around food to achieve a fried texture. This helps to keep fried foods light and eliminates the pesky cleanup of working with a deep fryer.


The Whirlpool® Electric 7-in-1 Air Fry Oven allows you to skip preheating and air fry chicken nuggets, wings, fries and more to get crispy results right in your oven. The Air Fry Mode circulates hot air around the air fry basket to cook fried food in a healthy way, with less oil than traditional frying.

Three trays of cookies inside an oven Three trays of cookies inside an oven

Common questions about ovens

When it comes to choosing an oven, there are a lot of questions you need to answer before making your decision. Explore the following answers to frequently asked questions about ovens to help make your shopping journey easier.

What is a dutch oven?

A Dutch oven is a pot with a tight-fitting lid that can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. Dutch ovens are typically made of cast iron, making them a durable piece of cookware. They are great for slow-cooking stews and casseroles as the cast iron helps to reduce the risk of food sticking to the bottom of the pot.

What type of oven is best for cakes?

If you’re frequently baking cakes to serve for birthday parties or anniversary celebrations, you may want to consider purchasing an electric oven over a gas-fueled model. The heating element in an electric oven circulates on and off more frequently to help keep temperatures consistent. You can also learn more about what different oven settings are best for baking with our guide.

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Explore Whirlpool® ovens

When it comes to choosing a new oven, Whirlpool brand offers a variety of wall ovens and ranges to help you find the right combination of oven types and features to match your kitchen. From gas ranges with high-powered burners to electric models with convection ovens, Whirlpool brand has appliances to fit your home. Browse the entire collection of ovens including models with steam clean options, self-cleaning features and double ovens that can help you tackle your family’s favorite recipes. If you still need help choosing, the Whirlpool® Appliance Finder Tool can help make the decision easier.

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