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How to store beer

How to store beer will depend on a few factors such as the type of beer, the amount of alcohol and the pasteurization, among other things. When you reach for a cold beer, you want to be confident that it has been properly stored and will taste as fresh as when you first bought it. Beverage centers and undercounter refrigerators are ideal appliances for storing beer, in addition to your standard kitchen refrigerator. Read on to learn more about how to properly store beer.

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How to store different types of beer

Different types of beer require different storage temperatures. Check out the table below for more information about common beer types and their ideal storage temperatures according to craftbeer.com.  

Select Whirlpool® undercounter refrigerators come with Dual-Temperature Controlled Zones so you can store your beer and other drinks at your desired temperature without taking up space in your kitchen’s main refrigerator. This also allows you to store beer at a different temperature than the rest of your food items for the ideal taste.

Beer type Ideal storage temperature
Pilsners and Lagers 40 - 45° F
Wheat beers 40 - 50° F
IPA’s 50 - 55° F
Porters and stouts 45 - 55° F
Sours and bocks 50 - 55° F
Barleywines and strong ales
50 - 55° F

Type of beer containers

How you store beer will also depend on its container. Beer can come in cans, bottles, growlers, kegs and corked bottles. Read on to learn more about storing beer in different containers.

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How to store beer cans

Beer cans should be stored in a cool, dry place at the right temperature for its type, but always above freezing. Cans should be stored upright. If you plan to store beer long-term, it is best to store it in a cool, dark place, upright and with minimal movement.


Beverage centers such as this one from Whirlpool brand are a great way to control the temperature at which you store your beer, while keeping it organized. Select Whirlpool® refrigerators also come with a can caddy, which can make storage much easier and free up space in your refrigerator for other items.

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How to store beer bottles

Beer bottles can be stored much like cans, in a cool, dry place and in an upright position. Similarly to cans, beer bottles should be kept in a dark place when storing long-term. The brown glass of some beer bottles will help keep it fresh as the dark color protects the beer from UV rays.

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How to store beer growlers

Growlers are often made of brown glass which can protect beer from UV rays better than clear glass. Be sure that your growler seals properly and store it in a cool place. Often beer stored in growlers will have a shorter shelf life than mass-produced beer because it will likely be unpasteurized.

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How to store beer kegs

When storing beer kegs, keep the temperature as consistent as possible. Keep beer kegs stored in a dark place such as in a basement, refrigerator or garage. Be sure that your kegs maintain a pressure of 10-12 psi.

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How to store corked beer

Corked beer is best stored upright. Corked beer may mature faster than other types of beer, so it is recommended to consume it within a year and a half of bottling.

Beer storage tips 

Whether you’re storing beer in your Whirlpool® beverage center or in crates in your garage ahead of your next gathering or get together, you want it to be fresh when you reach for it. Follow the tips below to help you maintain your beer’s freshness while you store it.

How to store beer without a refrigerator 

If you don’t have room in the refrigerator for your beer, you can store it in a cool, dark place, like a basement or garage, especially if you live in a cooler climate.

Store the beer away from sunlight and fluorescent light. Beer with a high alcohol by volume percentage typically has a longer shelf-life and doesn't necessarily need to be refrigerated right away.

How pasteurization affects beer storage 

Pasteurized beer generally has a longer shelf-life than unpasteurized beer. Many craft beers are unpasteurized, while mass-market beers are often pasteurized. Pasteurized beer is best stored in optimal refrigerated conditions for no more than 300 days, while unpasteurized beer should usually be consumed within three months of the bottling date.

What is beer skunk and how do you avoid it? 

Skunking is what occurs when beer reacts with light, causing the beer to have a foul odor and taste. The best way to avoid skunked beer is to keep it away from the light.

At what temperature does beer freeze?

The temperature at which beer freezes will depend on the alcohol by volume percentage. Beer that is 5 percent alcohol by volume will freeze at about 27° F.

Select Whirlpool® beverage centers are equipped with a Temperature Sensor Alert feature that will let you know if the temperature is outside the ideal range.

Can beer be chilled and re-chilled? 

In most cases, re-chilling beer that has already been chilled will have little to no effect on the flavor of the beer. This is true as long as the beer has not been at a very low or high temperature for a prolonged period of time.

How to store beer after opening 

The best way to store beer after opening is to reseal it with an airtight cap or stopper so you can reduce oxidation and the loss of carbonation. The length of time the beer was open before you resealed it will also affect its freshness.

How to store empty beer bottles 

Empty bottles should be cleaned and air dried before they are put away. You can store them in crates, boxes or any other sturdy container you may have around the house. If you plan to use them again, consider storing them upside down. If you are not going to use them again, you can recycle them or repurpose them for storing other beverages.

 Cans in a refrigerator can caddy  Cans in a refrigerator can caddy

Explore Whirlpool® refrigerators for storing your favorite beverages 

Store your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature with a Whirlpool® beverage center or undercounter refrigerator. With select models featuring LED interior lighting, precise temperature controls and sleek design, beverage centers and wine fridges can help you keep the drinks cool and fresh, so you can entertain in style.

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