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What is a convection microwave?

Convection microwave ovens heat up food like conventional microwaves, but have an extra heating element and fan so they can also bake, roast and crisp food like an oven. A convection microwave can double as another oven, streamlining meal prep and making it easier to bake more at once for family dinners, large gatherings and holiday celebrations. A convection microwave may even serve as the main oven in small spaces like RVs.

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How does a convection microwave work?

Any microwave can reheat leftovers, melt butter and cook frozen meals. But in a convection microwave oven, an extra heating element and fan circulate hot air around the cavity, letting you bake and roast food with home-cooked results. You can expect faster cook times on certain items as the convection element and microwave cook simultaneously, and convection microwaves come with racks that let you microwave multiple dishes at once. Roasting, baking, cooking and crisping are all possible when you upgrade to a convection microwave.

What can you cook in a convection microwave?

Convection microwave cooking means you can use your microwave to:

  • Roast an entire chicken, then bake angel food cake for dessert

  • Cook green bean casserole while you roast a turkey in your main oven

  • Crisp and brown pizza on a rack 

  • Cook a beef roast with Automatic Convect Cooking mode

  • Use like an oven in small spaces like apartments and RVs

  • Preheat and start convection from your smartphone or tablet1
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Convection microwaves vs. microwaves: What’s the difference?

Conventional microwaves use microwave technology to quickly heat up the water molecules in food. Convection microwaves do this as well, but also have another function that lets you use your microwave like you might use a small oven.

Compare ways to use each microwave type:

Conventional Microwave Benefits

  • Reheating

  • Boiling

  • Defrosting

  • Sensors that detect moisture to adjust cook time

  • Cooktop lighting

  • Ventilating your kitchen

Convection Microwave Benefits

  • Reheating

  • Boiling 

  • Defrosting

  • Sensors that detect moisture to adjust cook time

  • Cooktop lighting

  • Ventilating your kitchen

  • Controllable via smartphone1

  • Roasting, baking & crisping

  • Preheating

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How to use a convection microwave

Knowing how to use a convection microwave can help make mealtime easy as you bake or roast in your microwave. You can make everything from muffins and pies to casseroles and roasts, but the process of convection microwave baking looks a little different than simply reheating. 

Convection microwaves typically come with a convection rack to place dishes on that allows air to circulate for even baking. Once the rack is on the turntable, selecting the convect option on your microwave walks you through the process of preheating the microwave. Then, just like an oven, you can place your food in the preheated microwave and set a timer for your bake or roast.

Can you put metal in a convection microwave oven?

Most convection microwaves can handle metals like aluminum foil and baking sheets, but only when the microwave is in convection mode. Convection microwaves from Whirlpool brand come with a convection cooking rack and baking tray so you can get the most out of microwave baking or roasting. The rack allows air to circulate around foods for an even bake while the baking tray fits perfectly in the microwave when making bakery items like biscuits or cookies.

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