As your family changes, you may need to upgrade some of your old appliances in favor of ones that fit your new lifestyle. Before you purchase a new appliance, it’s important to consider your appliance removal and disposal options. Many municipalities won’t accept major appliances for curb-side trash pickup, and improperly disposing of your old appliances could cause environmental damage, according to the EPA. Fortunately, there are numerous appliance recycling programs in place to help you take care of this issue.

What Are My Appliance Removal, Recycling Or Disposal Options?

Appliance removal, disposal and recycling options vary depending on where you live. If you’re not sure how to recycle appliances, a little bit of online research can help you find out what’s available near you. Most people should have access to at least one of the following options:


1. Appliance Removal, Disposal or Recycling Services from Retailers and Manufacturers

Many retailers offer haul-away services for major appliances as part of a new appliance purchase, either for free or for a small fee. If you’re purchasing new appliances to replace your old ones, inquire about appliance recycling services. Not only will such services save you time, but they’ll also ensure that your old appliances are properly disposed of. When you buy an appliance direct from Whirlpool, for example, you can request both uninstall and haul away options when making your purchase. With innovations that help you keep up like never before, now is a great time for an appliance upgrade. Conquer laundry day in less steps with the Load & Go feature that automatically adds the right amount of detergent to every load, or do laundry all at once with a new Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer. Get extra help in the kitchen with Whirlpool Kitchen appliances that offer organization, flexibility and smart features that help you manage mealtimes from anywhere. Our professionals will swap out your old appliances and install your new ones so you can upgrade and get on with your day.

2. Charities Accepting Appliance Donations

While your old appliance may no longer be the right fit for your family, it can make all the difference to someone in your community. If you’re replacing working appliances due to moving or remodeling, consider donating your old appliances to charity. Local non-profit organizations may be able to resell gently used appliances to raise money or give them directly to people in need.

3. Appliance Recycling Programs from Utility Providers

Saving energy by replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones is good for your budget, as well as your community. Energy-efficient appliances may use less energy over their lifetime and fewer resources from your local power plant, both of which are good for the environment. Many utility companies offer appliance removal and disposal programs to encourage customers to switch to more energy-efficient options. Contact your utility provider to see if they participate in appliance recycling, or see if your local power company is part of the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal Partners.

4. Local, Regional or Statewide Appliance Recycling Programs

Many cities won’t let you dispose of an appliance via curbside trash pickup. However, many cities, counties and states offer appliance recycling programs to help you dispose of old appliances safely. Programs can vary, so be sure to ask about certain details like appliance removal and hauling, fees, drop-off points and so on.

5. Appliance Removal Services

If your retailer, utility provider and local government don’t offer appliance recycling programs, an appliance removal service may be able to help. Sometimes called junk removal companies, these organizations specialize in appliance recycling or disposal and can help you get rid of your old appliance. Some scrap yards may also take appliances, but be sure to call ahead and confirm this before you drop off your old washer, refrigerator or other appliance.


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