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Choose a Whirlpool® Top Load Washing Machine to manage large loads   

A better clean means better care for your family’s clothing. With Whirlpool® Top Load Washers, you’ll discover ideal washing capacity for large loads, customizable fabric care and connected appliance technology. Our Intuitive Touch Controls  let you customize or change cycles to align to specific care instructions. Sensor technology in our top load washing machines recognizes the needs of your load and adjusts water levels and wash action. Active Spray Technology from Whirlpool covers laundry evenly with a water-detergent mixture to avoid pretreating. Plus, you can use our app to control connected appliances like our top load washer while in another room or away from home.

Top load washers are flexible, eliminating the need to bend down to load and unload the wash. You can also add to or pause your load once it starts. With high-efficiency top load washers without an agitator, you have many of the benefits of a front load machine, such as gentle cycles, steam clean and enhanced stain-fighting power, all while enjoying increased capacity. Agitator models are also available and offer a powerful wash action for your tough messes. Browse our top load washing machines and compare them with front load washers to find the right choice for your clothing care. Explore our entire collection of washers today. Whatever washer option you choose, find the perfect dryer pair with Whirlpool® Top Load Electric Dryers, Front Load Gas Dryers and Top Load Gas Dryers.

Agitator vs. Non-Agitator Washing Machines

Agitators are traditionally found in top loading washing machines and help to get your laundry clean by rubbing against your clothes to loosen soils. Top load machines without agitators instead use an impeller that encourages clothes to rub against each other to deliver a thorough and gentle clean. Whether you choose a machine with an agitator or an impeller, Whirlpool has a variety of washing machines with innovative features that can help make laundry day easier.