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Add more convenience to your cooking and your kitchen layout with an over-range microwave from Whirlpool

An above-stove microwave is ideal for smaller kitchens as it frees up countertop space and merges two essential appliances into one. When you mount a microwave over the range in your kitchen, meal-time is simplified as you’re able to defrost, steam and cook dishes in the microwave, while enjoying built-in illumination and ventilation to assist with additional preparation on the stove top. Whirlpool offers overhead microwaves with a number of convenient features, including:

  • Microwave presets for precision cooking.
  • An Auto Adapt fan that changes vent speed based on cooktop temperature.
  • Sensor Cooking that adjusts time and temperature automatically
  • A CleanRelease® non-stick interior for fast, easy cleaning.

If you’re looking for an over-the-range microwave for your kitchen, browse our styles, sizes and colors to find the right one for you. Whirlpool also offers countertop microwaves for quick and easy cooking if you don’t need the built-in ventilation, or your kitchen space will not accommodate a microwave over the range.