Father watching his daughter play with a stuffed animal

Every chore is an act of love

Every act of care counts. From the grand gestures to the tiniest looks. The fun ones. The messy ones. The endless ones. Because every act of care we give helps the people we love become people who love.

Simple acts of care have the power to change the world

Whirlpool believes in the simple acts of cooking, cleaning and washing that have proven power to make our world a better place. As care ripples outward to our schools, communities and cities, it shows the value in ways that are bigger than us all.

Perceptions of Care

It’s all too easy for families to take jobs like cooking, cleaning and caring for granted. With the Every day, care® Project, we gave one woman the chance to see just how much her care counts.

Appliances You Can Trust

We don't know how anyone can make that much laundry. But we do know how to make appliances you can trust, because that's what we've always done.

Care Counts Laundry Program

Education has a laundry problem. Every day, thousands of kids miss school because they don’t have access to clean clothes. Whirlpool is installing washers and dryers in schools to help.

Teacher Stories

Hear from teachers who know firsthand the impact of Whirlpool brand’s work in schools to help increase attendance.

Vanessa’s Story

See the positive influence of the program through one girl’s real-life story of laundry and learning.

Chore Club

Whirlpool is helping parents turn everyday chores into fun ways to teach everyday lessons with a list of activities that have proven benefits into adulthood.

Two kids helping mix ingredients in the kitchen

Kitchen Activities

Turn your kitchen into a classroom with cooking, baking and cleaning chores that reinforce concepts from school.

See All Kitchen Activities
Young boy helping fold laundry on the couch

Laundry Activities

Help your kids learn age-appropriate laundry chores that turn into important life skills.

See All Laundry Activities


The simple acts of care that happen, day in and day out, deserve to be celebrated. Share the care in your life.