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Why does my oven smell like gas?

A gas scent coming from your oven can range from mildly irritating to genuinely concerning, but some causes are easy to address and resolve. Spilled food residue, a blocked oven vent or even fresh house paint could be to blame. Use this guide to help pinpoint possible causes of a gas smell and discover how to resolve the issue, including what to do in the case of an actual gas leak.

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Is it normal to smell gas from an oven?

Discovering your new oven smells like gas may catch you off guard, but rest assured that it's sometimes normal for a new oven to give off some odors. While you break in your oven, protective coatings and new parts often release unpleasant smells that usually dissipate after the first few uses. Or, if you have a gas oven, the flame ignition can cause gaseous odors for the first few minutes of use.

How to tell if your oven has a gas leak

A gaseous or “rotten egg” smell may be the first sign you notice, but what you hear and how you feel can also give a gas leak away. A leak in the gas line or in faulty oven parts may contribute to headaches and dizziness, or produce hissing noises. 

Any concerns about a gas leak should be addressed immediately. If you think it might be a gas leak, don’t take the time to troubleshoot further possibilities or wait until you feel ill. Also, don’t track down or try to resolve the leak on your own. Instead, leave the house and call 911 from a safe distance.

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Why does my oven smell like gas when preheating?

Your oven or range might give off a quick whiff of gas as it preheats, but the smell typically fades after a few minutes. This happens when gas ranges ignite at the burner, but preheating your electric range may also trigger odors. Since electric ranges don’t use gas, these fumes may be the result of food residue heating up inside the oven cavity.  

Why does my gas oven smell like gas when it’s off?

Your oven shouldn’t smell like gas when it’s off, but stovetop burners that are accidentally switched on may release a gaseous odor. Double-check that the burner’s knobs are switched off completely. If you still smell gas, your oven may have parts that need replacing or a leak in the gas line. Never look for or try to fix a gas leak on your own. Instead, get a safe distance away from your home and contact 911 immediately. 

5 reasons my oven smells like gas

From minor issues like spilled food to a potentially hazardous gas leak, a handful of factors can contribute to the unsettling aroma. Use the list below to help you narrow down the source of your oven’s gas smell. But of course, if you suspect a gas leak, immediately vacate your home.

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1. Oven liners

DIY oven liners like aluminum foil can help catch food splatters, but they may also block your oven’s air vents, trap old food residue and interfere with the combustion process. Any of these unintended consequences might cause the oven to emit odors while in use. 

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2. Dirty oven cavity

Caked-on food residue can also cause your oven to smoke or smell as it heats up, but a thorough clean should resolve the issue. Try soaking and scrubbing the oven racks, then tackle the oven cavity with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice. For more detailed steps, check out this guide on oven cleaning.

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3. Damaged igniter

For a gas oven, the igniter is like a spark plug—it gets the gas going so your oven can heat properly. When you first switch on a gas oven, you might catch a whiff of gas as the igniter does its job, but it should be brief and faint. Your gas oven may not heat properly if a damaged igniter delays igniting the gas or fails at the task altogether. Contact a professional if you suspect your oven’s igniter needs to be repaired or replaced. 

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4. New staining or paint

Fumes from fresh paint or staining can mix with the stovetop burner flames and cause some unexpected odors, but it won’t last. As the paint fumes fade away, so will the strange smells from your oven.

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5. Newly installed

New ovens can sometimes produce a smell the first few times they’re used. This tends to fade after a handful of uses. Before you turn your oven on for the first time, peek inside the oven cavity to make sure that all packaging materials have been removed from the inside.


There are some things you can do to help flush these new-oven odors. Clean the oven’s interior with warm, soapy water, dry it well, then run an empty bake cycle at 350°F. Open the windows and use the vent fan for better ventilation while running the cycle.

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