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What are the parts of a stove?

A stove may consist of a control panel, knobs, oven, oven racks, drip pan, warming drawer and cooktop elements that come together to help you keep dinnertime under control. Gas ranges are equipped with gas burners and removable grates. Electric ranges typically have coiled burners without grates, or they have a smooth ceramic-glass surface with radiant heating elements. Learn more about the parts of a stove and how they can help you get dinner to the table quickly and efficiently.

A diagram of a freestanding oven. A diagram of a freestanding oven.

Parts of a stove: a guide

Understanding the different parts of a stove and how they function can help you choose the one that fits your family’s needs. Whirlpool brand offers a wide selection of gas and electric ranges for quick preheating, baking, boiling and more. Get familiar with the different parts of a stove below:

  • Control panel

  • Knobs

  • Oven

  • Oven racks
  • Drip bowls

  • Cooktop elements (gas burner, coils or radiant heating)

An oven control panel set to 350°F .

Control panel

The control panel of your gas or electric range is typically located on the backguard or front of the appliance. Press the easy-to-use electronic buttons or responsive tap touch control panels to preheat your oven or turn on the oven light to take a peek inside. Many ranges from Whirlpool brand also feature Frozen Baketechnology that allows you to skip preheating for even faster cooking times with pre-programmed settings.

An opened oven with the oven racks displayed.

Oven & oven racks

The oven cavity inside your appliance is able to broil, bake and roast your family’s favorite meals, like a juicy whole chicken or sheet of homemade lasagna. Some Whirlpool® ranges offer air frying capabilities and a basket to fry chicken wings, nuggets and fries right inside the oven. You can learn some air fryer tips to use on Air Fry Mode in your range.


With adjustable ovens racks, you have the flexibility to cook your meals on the lower rack for intense heat from the bottom of the oven, which is ideal for roasting large cuts of meat and setting pie crusts, or the upper rack for top-down heat ideal for crisping leftovers or browning casseroles. The middle oven rack can be considered a true happy medium for cooking as it provides all-over heat with equal distances between the bottom and top of the oven.

A Whirlpool® slide-in range with a warming drawer.

Warming drawer

The warming drawer is typically located at the bottom of the range and has a dedicated control for adjusting the temperature. Warming drawers help keep your food at ideal serving temperatures while you finish preparing the rest of your dishes. With innovative features, like the Keep Warm Setting, some Whirlpool® ranges can keep your meals warm and ready to serve from directly inside the oven.

Stainless steel knobs on a gas range.


Knobs on your range control the cooking elements on your gas or electric stovetop. Quickly ignite gas burners or activate electric coils and radiant heating elements with the turn of a knob.

Cooktop elements

Depending on fuel type, the cooktop elements will differ between gas and electric ranges. Gas ranges are equipped with burners and burner caps underneath removable grates. Electric ranges may have coils or a ceramic-glass surface with radiant heating. Some ranges have dual fuel options that feature a gas stove and electric oven in one appliance.

Gas burners ignited with blue flames.
Gas burners

Gas burners offer fast-acting, responsive control of the flame. They are able to cool down quickly, and cleanup is a breeze with removable grates, like this Whirlpool Gas Range with EZ-2-Lift™ Grates. To protect the burners from spillage, they are covered by removable burner caps.

A red radiant heating element on an electric stove.
Electric heating elements

Electric cooktops may be equipped with coils, like this range from Whirlpool brand, or smooth ceramic glass surfaces that house the heating elements underneath. These elements offer the ability to quickly boil water for pasta and do not need an existing gas hookup to function. Save time after cooking with the easy-wipe glass surface for a quick cleanup.


Electric stovetops sometimes offer two element sizes in one, like Whirlpool® ranges with the Flex Heat™ Dual Radiant Elements. A six-inch inner ring is great for smaller pots and pans, while a nine-inch expandable outer ring makes room for larger cookware.

A drip bowl.

Drip bowls

For even more spill protection, drip pans are designed to catch any splatters and overflows when using your cooktop. Whirlpool brand offers replacement stove parts and drip pans to match your range, like this universal set of round electric range burner drip bowls.

Gas stove vs. electric stove parts

Gas and electric stoves differ when it comes to their fuel types and burner configurations. Gas burners feature a responsive flame for seamless transitions to high or low heat for searing or simmering. They also have removable grates and burner caps for easy stove cleanup after it is cooled off.

Electric stoves have burner coils and drip bowls or a ceramic-glass surface with radiant heating and metal coils underneath. These stove parts heat up quickly and are great for bringing a pot to boil. You can also remove the electric stove burners to clean and replace them as needed. The smooth glass stovetop also provides a stable surface for your cookware and quick cooktop cleaning after dinner.

Although the heating elements and burner configurations differ, both gas and electric ranges are equipped with parts designed to save you time and effort on cooking, like adjustable oven racks, warming drawers, responsive knobs and innovative control panels.

A Whirlpool® double oven range.
What are the parts of a gas stove?

Gas stoves are equipped with burners, burner caps, removable grates and knobs. Along with the stove parts, gas ranges have an oven, oven racks, warming drawers and electronic control panels to easily ignite the oven and change temperatures. Explore the collection of Whirlpool® gas ranges to find the one that fits your family’s needs.

A Whirlpool® electric range.
What are the parts of an electric stove?

Electric stoves feature metal coil heating elements with drip bowls or radiant heating with a ceramic glass surface. These heating elements are controlled with a responsive knob to turn the elements on and off. You can also find oven racks, warming drawers and tap touch control panels on electric ranges from Whirlpool brand.

Where to buy stove parts

Whether you are looking for stove cleaning kits, drip bowls or power cords, Whirlpool brand has all of the accessories and replacement parts you need to keep your range running smoothly. Need to repair a part? Explore service options and DIY guides to help you get dinnertime back under control.

Shop Whirlpool® ranges

Whirlpool® gas and electric ranges come in a variety of configurations with convenient parts designed for your family’s needs. Get some time back in your day and let Whirlpool brand handle breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can spend more time enjoying the family meals.

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