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Guide to the parts of a range hood

Helping remove odors, smoke and even airborne grease, range hoods are an important part of any kitchen. Knowing about the different parts of a range hood and how they work can help you know when you may need to replace a part or if it’s time to call a professional.

What are the parts of a range hood called?

Follow this guide to learn about common range hoods parts and where they’re located.

A diagram of range hood parts A diagram of range hood parts
A range hood canopy

1. Hood canopy

The canopy is a large surface that acts as the body of the range hood. This area usually features the control panel, light bulbs and the grease filter.

A range hood duct cover

2. Duct cover

Located above the canopy, the duct cover surrounds the vent system and, depending on the model, the duct system for outside ventilation. Depending on your kitchen layout and model, your range hood duct system may be installed through the ceiling or wall.

A range hood vent system

3. Vent system

The vent system is responsible for drawing smoke and odors out of your kitchen as you prepare your meals. The system and its various components, such as the blower, are usually housed within the duct cover.

A range hood control panel

4. Control panel

The control panel is usually located at the front of the hood canopy and displays all the controls needed to operate the blower and lights. Using the controls, you can turn the range hood lights and blower on or off, as well as control the speed of the blower fan.

A range hood lamp

5. Lamps

Lamps on a range hood are usually located on the bottom surface of the hood canopy. In addition to clearing the air as you prepare your family’s meals, range hoods often also feature LED lighting to illuminate the cooktop for greater visibility that will help you keep a better eye on your dishes as they heat.

A range hood grease filter

6. Grease filter

The grease filter can be found on the underside of the canopy and is responsible for removing odors and steam as part of the ventilation process. The filters should be cleaned regularly for optimal use.

A stainless steel range hood above a cooktop A stainless steel range hood above a cooktop

How do I know if my range hood is vented or not?

The different types of range hoods look similar but work differently. While all range hoods use ventilation to remove grease and smoke from the air as you cook, the type of ventilation used differs between hood models — either ducted or ductless. A convertible model can do either type of venting.

Ducted hoods

Ducted range hoods vent externally, clearing the air by venting out of doors through ductwork in the wall, ceiling or floor. Ducted venting is very common and can be found in all range hood styles, particularly canopy hoods, whether wall-mounted or installed over an island.

Ductless hoods

Range hoods with ductless or recirculating venting filter air before pushing it back out into the kitchen. Most microwave hood combinations and many undercabinet hoods come factory set to use this venting method. While ductless hoods can be installed nearly anywhere, they rely on filters that should be cleaned regularly.

Convertible Hoods

Convertible hoods offer even more flexibility when choosing the type of ventilation you’d like to use in your kitchen. Depending on your kitchen’s ductwork, a convertible range can be configured to either vent externally or via air recirculation. Undercabinet and canopy hoods are the most likely range hood types to be convertible.

Smoke from a pot being drawn up into a range hood Smoke from a pot being drawn up into a range hood

How does a range hood work?

Through its fan, a range hood works by acting as a ventilation system that helps reduce fumes, smoke and odors in your kitchen as you cook. While some range hoods work by drawing air to the outdoors, recirculating hoods use a series of filters to scrub the air before returning it to the room.

To get the most out of your range hood, running the hood fan for a few minutes before cooking can help create suction and prevent delays in venting. After cooking, running the fan again for several minutes can help you clear lingering smoke and odor from the air. If you opt for a ductless range hood that recirculates air, ensure the filter is cleaned on a regular basis for optimal use.

A range hood drawing up smoke from various dishes A range hood drawing up smoke from various dishes

What are some of the features of a range hood?

Range hoods play an integral part in helping to keep the air in your kitchen clear, making it important to explore different range hood features available, including features for improved convenience and functionality. Some common range hood features include different fan speeds and wider filters.

There are many factors that can affect the type of appliances you choose to integrate into your home — from your unique kitchen layout and cooking routines to your aesthetic preferences. Range hoods by Whirlpool brand offer an array of features designed to help you maintain your kitchen after busy mealtimes. With a Whirlpool® range hood, you can help improve the airflow in your kitchen with features on select models like Powerful 3-Speed Fans or improve visibility while cooking with LED Task Lighting.

Find Whirlpool® range hood replacements parts

If you find yourself in need of replacement parts for your range hood, you’ll want to use parts that are compatible with your type and model. Browse for range hood parts and accessories for your Whirlpool® appliance online to keep your kitchen up and running. You can also reach out to a Whirlpool® technician to help you find the right parts or schedule professional service for your range hood.

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