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How to reheat fried chicken in the oven

Whether you’re reheating takeout or leftover homemade fried chicken, it can be a challenge to recreate that original tender and crispy taste. This simple guide will teach you how to reheat fried chicken without drying it out so you and your family can enjoy this savory classic for another night.

Fried chicken laid out on a cooking rack in the oven Fried chicken laid out on a cooking rack in the oven

Can you reheat fried chicken?

Yes, you can reheat fried chicken. There are quite a few heating options, including using an oven, air fryer or microwave.

Reheating fried chicken in the oven

Using your oven for reheating fried chicken can give you and your family delicious results. You’ll enjoy a similar crunchy texture and juicy bite using the following steps.

  • Leftover fried chicken

Prep time
  • About 35 minutes

Bake time
  • 15 minutes

Total time
  • 50-55 minutes

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Step 1: Bring to room temperature

Take your fried chicken out of the refrigerator. Allow at least 30 minutes for it to come to room temperature.

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Step 2: Preheat the oven

While your chicken is coming to room temperature, preheat your oven to 400° F.

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Step 3: Prep your baking sheet

Place a wire rack on a baking sheet and lay a single layer of fried chicken over the rack. Stagger the pieces to help them reheat evenly.

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Step 4: Cook

Carefully place your baking sheet into the oven and cook for 15 minutes or until the skin looks crisp.


Depending on the size of each piece of chicken, some may cook faster than others. Generally, smaller pieces will take less time to reheat vs. larger pieces.

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How to reheat fried chicken in a range with an air fry oven

Using an air fryer oven is a great way to achieve a crunchy outer layer and juicy interior. The easiest way to reheat fried chicken in an air fryer oven is by preheating it to 375° F. Then, lay out a single layer of chicken in the basket without overlapping and cook for two minutes on each side.

How to reheat fried chicken in the microwave

For great results, use a microwave-safe dish with a paper towel. Place the paper towel in the dish, add the chicken, and place another paper towel over the top to help absorb any lingering or rising moisture. Cook for 30-second intervals on each side until the pieces have properly warmed up.

Using a microwave to reheat your fried chicken may be the quickest method, but it may not produce the crispy results your family wants, so you may want to consider another method.

How long does it take to reheat fried chicken in the oven?

Using an oven to reheat fried chicken can take between 12-15 minutes—depending on the size of the pieces—plus an additional 30 minutes to get the chicken to room temperature. Smaller pieces will typically cook faster than larger pieces.

How do you reheat fried chicken without drying it out?

There are a few precautions you can take to help ensure you get crispy fried chicken. Whether you are taking the chicken out of the freezer or refrigerator, first bring it to room temperature to help it cook evenly. Whichever cooking method you use, stagger your pieces of chicken so they cook and crisp evenly.

What is the most common way to reheat fried chicken?

If you want to achieve the traditional crispiness of fried chicken, you can typically get those results with ovens and air fryers. Microwaves tend to unevenly cook fried chicken and may leave it with soggy skin.

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