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The best Whirlpool® Gas & Electric Ranges for you in 2024

Whirlpool® ranges are designed to help you get meals on the table for your family with ease day after day. It’s important to consider factors like available features, fuel types, capacity and more as you decide which range is best for you. Use this guide to explore the different options from Whirlpool brand and make the best decision for your kitchen.

What are the best ranges for you from Whirlpool brand?

The best range for you and your family is one that has the fuel type you need, the features you are looking for and can streamline your mealtime routine. When you are trying to decide which to choose, it’s important to consider the range capacity, configuration and finish. 

Browse these range options, in no particular order, from Whirlpool brand to find the option that best fits your kitchen and cooking style.

Best gas ranges

A gas range combines a gas cooktop and oven in one unit and utilizes natural gas or propane as a fuel source. The gas cooktop uses an open flame for boiling, frying, sautéing and more, while the oven can be used for baking, roasting and other tasks.

The benefits of a gas range include:

  • Cleanability: Many modern gas ranges come equipped with ceramic caps and grates that make cleaning easy. These features help contain spills and prevent food residue from sticking to the range surface. Many gas ranges also feature Self-Clean or Steam-Clean functions to help keep your oven clean. Select Whirlpool® ranges include EZ-2-Lift™ Hinged Grates to help you get quick access to spills.

  • Quick preheating: Gas ovens tend to preheat faster than electric ovens, reducing the overall time from start to finish.

  • Features: Select gas ranges from Whirlpool brand include features such as a SpeedHeat™ Burner to help you sear and boil quickly with high temperatures. 

If a gas range will be the best fit for you and your cooking needs, explore these options from Whirlpool brand. 

Best electric ranges

With simple installation and an easy-to-clean cooktop surface, electric ranges are another great choice to consider. 

The benefits of an electric range include:

  • Simple installation: Electric ranges only require access to an electrical outlet, so they typically are simple to install.

  • Precise heat: By cycling on and off, oven heating elements provide consistent heat within the cavity. This leads to fewer temperature fluctuations and improved precision in the temperature control of your oven.

  • Space and versatility: Electric ranges can be helpful for those who typically cook multiple dishes simultaneously with different-sized cookware. They often come with multi-ring elements that can be switched easily based on the width of your cookware. Plus, they may offer oddly shaped elements that can cater to your extra-large cookware.

  • Easy cleanup: The cooktop is smooth which allows for easy cleanup.

  • Features: Select models from Whirlpool brand come with a FlexHeat™ Dual Radiant Element, which is like two elements in one with a 6" inner ring that’s great for smaller pots and pans and a 10" expandable outer ring that makes room for larger cookware. Enjoy an easy-wipe Ceramic Glass Cooktop on select models, as well, for easy cleanup.

If an electric range will suit your kitchen and your cooking preferences best, explore these options from Whirlpool brand.

Chicken wings in an air fry basket Chicken wings in an air fry basket

Best gas & electric ranges with air fry ovens

A gas or electric range with an air fry oven allows you to have all the traditional oven features you know and love, with the added bonus of being able to air fry your favorite foods like chicken wings, nuggets and fries too.

The benefits of a gas or electric range with an air fry oven include:

  • Dishwasher-safe basket: Select models from Whirlpool brand include a Dishwasher-Safe Air Fry Basket to help simplify cleanup.

  • Air Fry Mode: Gas and electric ranges have an Air Fry Mode that allows you to air fry your favorite foods with less oil than traditional frying.

  • Features: Select Whirlpool® ranges with Air Fry are also equipped with features like Frozen Bake™ Technology so you can skip preheating and Multi-Step Cooking so you can send multiple steps from your phone to your range.1

Pancakes cooking on a stovetop griddle Pancakes cooking on a stovetop griddle

Best slide-in ranges

A slide-in range can fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s layout. The controls are on the front of the range, eliminating the need for a backguard. A slide-in range might be the best fit for you if you have a decorative backsplash, pot filler or plan to install your range in a kitchen island.

The benefits of a slide-in range include:

  • Built-in look: A slide-in range provides a built-in aesthetic when installed between cabinets.

  • Front controls: The front controls on a slide-in range allow you to install a decorative backsplash or pot filler behind your range.

  • Kitchen island installation: If you are looking for a range to install in your kitchen island, a slide-in option is a great choice. 
  • Overhanging sides: Oftentimes, slide-in ranges will have overhanging sides that can help keep spills from falling in the gap between the range and the counter.

If a slide-in range seems like it could be the best option for your kitchen and family, explore these options from Whirlpool brand

Best freestanding ranges

A freestanding range is a versatile appliance that can be integrated into most kitchen layouts with ease. It typically features a cooktop surface and one or two ovens beneath it with gas and electric choices available. Freestanding ranges have a backguard where the controls are located, eliminating the need for a backsplash behind the range.

The benefits of a freestanding range include:

  • Finished sides: The finished sides of a freestanding range make it easy to install wherever it fits best in your kitchen. 

  • Backguard: The built-in backguard allows you to protect the wall behind your range from splatters and grease without installing a backsplash.

  • Lower price point: While stove prices can differ based on size, finish and features, freestanding ranges often offer a more affordable point of entry for cost-conscious consumers.

Your kitchen layout and cooking preferences might be well-suited for a freestanding range. Explore these freestanding ranges from Whirlpool brand with a variety of features, finishes and fuel types.

Best double-oven ranges

A double oven has two cooking compartments that can be set to different temperature levels, times and settings. Double-oven ranges consist of a stovetop and two ovens with a smaller oven on top and a larger one below.

The benefits of a double-oven range include:

  • Increased capacity: Select models do not include a bottom storage drawer but instead have increased capacity in the bottom oven. 

  • Using multiple oven functions: With a double-oven range, you can utilize multiple oven functions at the same time. For instance, you can keep dishes warm in your top oven while using the Bake setting in your bottom oven. 

Select Whirpool® double-oven ranges are equipped with features like Convection Conversion so your oven will do the math for you when you need to convert traditional recipes for convection cooking, automatically adjusting cooking times and temperatures.

Person using the Whirlpool® App Person using the Whirlpool® App

Best smart ranges

The best range for you is the one that suits your lifestyle and your mealtime needs. A smart range is a great addition to your kitchen because select models from Whirlpool brand are equipped with features like Scan-to-Cook Technology2 which allows you to scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet and send recommended or customized cooking instructions straight to your oven.

The benefits of a smart range include:

  • Convenience: Control your range when you’re setting the table or prepping other parts of the meal by using the Whirlpool® App.1

  • Touchscreen: Select smart ranges from Whirlpool brand come with an innovative touchscreen that adapts to your cooking habits.

If a smart range might be the added convenience you need at mealtime, check out these options from Whirlpool brand.

Top-rated Whirlpool® ranges

Chosen based on reviews from Whirlpool brand customers, these Whirlpool® ranges include models in various fuel types and finishes with features that will help you get meals on the table, the way your family likes them. Read more about the top-rated ranges below to help you find the perfect fit.

6.7 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Electric Double Oven Range with True Convection

1. 6.7 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Electric Double Oven Range with True Convection

This double-oven range features True Convection to help you cook foods faster3 by using a third element plus a fan to distribute hot air evenly over, under and around food. Enjoy easy cleanup with the SteamClean option that saturates baked-on messes with water and high heat so they wipe up quickly.

5.3 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Electric 5-in-1 Air Fry Oven

2. 5.3 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Electric 5-in-1 Air Fry Oven

This Whirlpool® electric range will help you get dinner to the table, even on a hectic schedule. Skip preheating for favorites like pizza with Frozen Bake™ Technology. When practice is running late, the Keep Warm Setting will prevent dinner from getting cold, so everyone can enjoy the meal at its best. The Air Fry Mode can help you air fry chicken nuggets, wings, fries and more of your favorite foods to get crispy results right in your oven.

5.8 cu. ft. Whirlpool® Freestanding Gas Range with Frozen Bake™ Technology

3. 5.8 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Freestanding Gas Range with Frozen Bake™ Technology

This freestanding gas range with a self-cleaning oven lets you cut out steps like preheating thanks to Frozen Bake™ Technology. Enjoy EZ-2-Lift™ Hinged Cast-Iron Grates that let you wipe up under them without removing, for quick access to messes.

5.0 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Gas 5-in-1 Air Fry Oven

4. 5.0 Cu. Ft. Whirlpool® Gas 5-in-1 Air Fry Oven

Cook however you want with this gas 5-in-1 Oven with Air Fry Mode. You can air fry your favorite foods like chicken wings, nuggets and fries right in your oven with the included Dishwasher-Safe Air Fry Basket. Features like True Convection Cooking and the SpeedHeat™ Burner help you get dinner on the table faster.

What is the best range for my kitchen?

The best range for your kitchen will depend on your cooking preferences, the features you’d like to have, the fuel type you need and your kitchen’s layout. Compare gas vs. electric ranges and freestanding vs. slide-in models to help you start your decision-making process. You will also want to consider the variety of available capacities and finishes when making your decision. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right range for you when caring for your family meets mealtime convenience. 

Explore all Whirlpool® ranges

With a Whirlpool® range you can make more of every moment. Features like SpeedHeat™ Burners and Convection Cooking help you keep mealtime moving, while features like the Adjustable Self-Clean Cycle help you get back to what matters most, quickly.

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1, Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect.
2. U.S. only
3. Compared to thermal-bake cycle on the same model.