Appliance Cleaning Products

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Model #: 4396808
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Model #: W10355051
MSRP $4.99
Model #: W10135699
MSRP $6.99
Model #: W10346771A
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Model #: W10509526
MSRP $2.99
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MSRP $4.99
Model #: W10549851
MSRP $5.99
Model #: W10423113RP
MSRP $19.49
Model #: W10282479
MSRP $5.99

Keep your appliance clean with products from Whirlpool

Proper appliance maintenance includes cleaning your unit inside and out. Whirlpool offers a range of appliance cleaning products, including kitchen cleaning products specifically made for ice makers, refrigerators, dishwashers and garbage disposals and laundry appliance cleaning products for your washer and dryer. Our stainless steel cleaners leave doors and panels in your favorite finish with a streak-free and polished shine. These specially-formulated cleaners reduce odor-causing residue, help remove build-up and keep things running smoothly to make cleaning appliances easy. Browse our range of appliance cleaners to find the right one for your kitchen or laundry units. For questions about how to clean and maintain your Whirlpool® appliances, visit our Customer Care center to download manuals and find How-To guides.