Whirlpool® small space laundry appliances. Whirlpool® small space laundry appliances.

Small space laundry

Take up less room with 24" wide laundry solutions.

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Compact Washers And Dryers For Small Spaces

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Find a small washer and dryer to fit your laundry space with Whirlpool

Need a space-saving washer and dryer for your apartment or home? Whether you prefer a side-by-side, stackable, stacked or all-in-one option, Whirlpool has a compact washer and dryer set to fit your needs. In addition to unique configurations, our small washers and dryers come with a range of options to help make laundry day that much easier. Best of all, these washers and dryers are great for apartments, closets and other areas where space is at a premium. Ready to find the perfect small laundry appliances? Explore our collection of small washers and dryers for small spaces. Also, consider our line of small kitchen appliances for your home.