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Explore our freestanding, slide-in and double oven gas stove lineup and find what fits best for your cooking routine. Select models feature SpeedHeat Burners that generate high heat for fast searing and boiling, while the AccuSimmer® Burner provides better control at lower temperatures for sauces and soups.



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Gas Range vs. Electric Range

When choosing between a gas or electric range, consider your kitchen and cooking needs. Gas ranges require a gas hook-up, so you’ll need to install a gas line if you don’t have an existing one. Cooking with gas lets you have precise temperature control with each burner, so a gas stove may be a good choice if you tend to use the cooktop a lot. Electric ranges offer consistent heat in the oven, making them great for baking and roasting.

Double Oven Gas Range vs. Single Oven Gas Range

A single oven gas stove is usually sufficient for most households, but if you find yourself needing extra oven capacity or need to cook multiple dishes at once using different temperatures, a double oven gas range may be a better fit for you.

Picking the Gas Stove That’s Right for Your Kitchen

As you look for a gas range, think about the ideal place for a stove in your kitchen layout. Does your kitchen have an island? How are your countertops arranged? Consider whether a slide-in or freestanding range works best based on your kitchen configuration and style.

Gas Range FAQs

What’s the difference between a stove and range?
Stove and range both refer to a single appliance that is a combination of a cooktop and an oven, and the terms are used interchangeably. 

Does a gas range need to be vented?
Yes, gas ranges need to have proper exhaust ventilation to prevent the build-up of cooking fumes, smoke and other impurities. Find more details in your model’s installation instructions.

How do you locate a gas line for a range?
Usually, a gas line will be a ½-inch pipe with a shut-off valve that comes through a wall in the kitchen, but make sure to consult a certified technician. Learn more about how to install a gas range.