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Model #: UXL6048YSS
MSRP $1,099.00
Model #: UXL6036YSS
MSRP $999.00
Model #: UXL5430BSS
MSRP $699.00
Model #: UXB0600DYS
MSRP $549.00
Model #: UXB1200DYS
MSRP $649.00
Model #: UXI1200DYS
MSRP $899.00

Find essential equipment to maintain or replace your Whirlpool® hood blower or vent hood insert

Keep your kitchen air clear with in-line blowers or internal hood blowers from Whirlpool. In-line blowers sit within the ducts for your vent hood, usually in the basement or attic, and draw air out more quietly since the fan is not directly above the cooking area. Internal hood blowers’ proximity within the hood itself provides a better opportunity to draw out more contaminants. It also makes maintenance or repairs easy. We also offer hood liners and vent hood inserts to trap grease and provide overhead lighting. Browse our internal and in-line blowers to ensure your kitchen ventilation system runs smoothly.