A Whirlpool® under-cabinet hood. A Whirlpool® under-cabinet hood.

Help keep your
kitchen clean

Full-width grease filters help trap
grease and remove odors.

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Get a clean, fresh kitchen with canopy range hoods from Whirlpool

Canopy vent hoods are a vital element for any modern kitchen – by clearing out grease, steam, smoke and odors, these appliances help keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh. In addition to improving air quality while cooking, canopy hoods can also keep walls, counters and cabinets cleaner by catching grease before it has time to settle on surfaces. Powerful fans help Whirlpool® canopy vent hoods remove excess heat. You’ll also enjoy a more comfortable cooking experience thanks to built-in lights that illuminate your cooktop. Whirlpool® wall-mounted and island-mounted canopy hood styles can accommodate virtually any kitchen layout and come with features that enhance the cooking experience, including:

  • Noise-reduction technology.
  • Perimetric venting for improved suction.
  • LED and fluorescent lighting.
  • Dishwasher-safe filters.

Browse our selection of canopy range hoods to find the right style for your kitchen or compare them with our other kitchen vent hood options today.