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Two-Burner Cooktops

  • Easy Wipe Ceramic Glass Cooktop (1)
  • High Speed Coil Elements (1)
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MSRP $599.00

Save space and manage meals efficiently with Whirlpool® 2-burner cooktops

If you have a smaller kitchen, you need a cooktop that doesn’t sacrifice power and precision for space. That’s why Whirlpool offers premium 2-burner cooktops that let you cook healthy, delicious meals for the people you love, even if you have limited room. While our dual burner cooktops are designed to fit well in smaller kitchens, they still offer the space and power you need to manage multiple dishes for a satisfying meal. With coils that heat up fast and easy-to clean surfaces, you can boil, sauté, simmer and clean up quickly and easily. In addition to our 2-burner cooktops, we offer gas and electric cooktops with 4-element and 5-element options for families who need a bit more room to make meals. No matter what you’re cooking or how much space you have, Whirlpool can help you get the best results.