Chest freezer in a garage

What does “garage ready” freezer mean?

A garage ready freezer can handle hot or cold outdoor temperatures while maintaining an optimal temperature inside. Garage ready freezers can be kept in a garage of any temperature from 0°F to 110°F without malfunctioning.

Extra freezer space in the garage is a major convenience, and if you live in a climate with fluctuating temperatures, making sure the freezer you choose will keep your food fresh is important. Select Whirlpool® freezers can provide you extra storage for your favorite snacks and meals.

Person placing food in garage-ready chest freezer Person placing food in garage-ready chest freezer

How does a garage ready freezer work?

In the heat, freezers work harder than normal as the compressor cools the freezer’s internal environment to combat the outside temperature. In extreme cold, the compressor will not kick on until the external temperature is higher than what the freezer is set to. Garage ready freezers are built to handle both extreme heat and cold. 

Some freezers are built with specialized compressors, thick insulation and a triple sealed gasket to help maintain internal temperatures.

Chest freezer in a garage

What is a garage ready chest freezer?

A garage ready chest freezer is built to handle extreme external temperatures while maintaining an optimized internal temperature. These freezers will usually include “garage ready” in the product name or will list it as a specification.

Chest freezers are a great way to keep your frozen food organized and to add additional storage aside from your refrigerator’s freezer. Select chest freezers from Whirlpool brand give you extra flexibility with the ability to convert from freezer-to-fridge. Adapt to your family’s changing needs with extra freezer space or more fresh food storage when you need it. These versatile chest freezers are garage-ready when in Freezer Mode.

Upright freezer in a garage

What is a garage ready upright freezer?

A garage ready upright freezer can keep items frozen when external temperatures are extremely hot or cold. A garage ready upright freezer is right at home in an uninsulated garage. Upright freezers can help keep smaller items organized and easy to access with a vertical layout and many shelves.

Chest freezer with food inside opened with light on Chest freezer with food inside opened with light on

Do you need a special freezer for the garage?

If your garage is uninsulated or you anticipate large fluctuations in the temperature where your freezer will be stored, a garage ready freezer is a good idea. 

Having a freezer in the garage gives you extra space to store your family’s favorites that you have prepped ahead or to organize items you have purchased in bulk. Busy weeknights call for having meals on-hand and extra freezer space provides the ability to do that. Knowing that you don’t have to be concerned about external temperatures is an added benefit of freezers built for being stored in the garage.

Will a freezer work in a hot garage?

A garage ready freezer will be able to maintain its temperature regardless of most external environments. When it is extremely hot outside, a regular freezer’s compressor will have to work very hard to keep up. This could result in the compressor burning out and excessive use of electricity.

Chest freezer in a garage Chest freezer in a garage

What freezer is best for the garage?

A garage ready freezer is best if you plan to keep your appliance in the garage or even a basement that experiences large fluctuations in temperature. Chest freezers can offer more open internal storage space for large items or bulk purchases. 

Read this guide on buying a freezer to learn more about what options may work for you.

Are garage-ready freezers energy efficient?

Freezers that are ENERGY STAR certified are at least ten percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal standard. They provide energy savings through their use of advanced technology and improved design. ENERGY STAR certified freezers also have temperature and defrost mechanisms as well as high-efficiency compressors and evaporators that contribute to their energy efficiency.

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Whether you are preparing freezer meals ahead for a busy season of life or buying your family’s favorite snacks to have on-hand, having a freezer in the garage is practical and convenient. Shop Whirlpool® freezers to take advantage of extra storage space along with other benefits on select models such as Frost-Free Defrost and LED lighting.

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