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Replacing your gas stove with electric

Whether you just want to replace your old gas stove or a new electric model has caught your eye, there are plenty of reasons to replace gas appliances with an electric one. But switching from a gas line to an electric outlet requires some important considerations to keep in mind. Read on to learn the steps to switching from a gas to electric stove.

Can I replace a gas stove with an electric one?

You can replace a gas stove with an electric one; however, it is not as simple as purchasing a new appliance and installing it in the old space. This replacement will require working with electric and gas lines. For this reason, it is best to contact a professional for the installation portion of your replacement.

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What to consider when replacing your gas stove with electric

When making the switch from a gas stove to an electric one, first check the electrical requirements of a new electric range. Analyzing your electrical panel and inspecting your current space to see whether it can fit a new electrical line is a good place to start. If you meet these requirements, contact a licensed contractor for an evaluation. Finally choose between an induction and electric stove for the contractor’s installation.

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1. Electrical supply requirements

In order to replace your gas stove with an electric one, you will first need to check to see whether you have a 220-volt outlet and a circuit that can produce at least 40–50 amps of power. Any less and your electric stove may not have enough power to work. Inspect your electric panel to see whether these requirements are met.

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2. Access to your panel and range

When replacing your gas oven with an electric one, it’s important to inspect the space surrounding your electric panel. Chances are that a licensed contractor will need to install a new electrical line—if the space near your panel has open ceilings, the project may be easier. Enclosed or crawl spaces will most likely increase the cost of the project.


3. Hire licensed contractors

The installation of a new electric stove to replace a gas one requires steps that should only be attempted by a licensed contractor. You will need a professional to turn off the gas line, remove your stove and cap the gas line. If your space needs to be demoed to run a new electrical line, that will require further professionals.


4. Is electric or induction best for you?

Whether an electric or induction stove is best for you will likely come down to personal preference; however, there are a few key differences. Electric cooktops provide heating either via a coil positioned directly beneath cookware or through coils radiating underneath a ceramic-glass surface. They will function similarly to your gas stove.


Induction stoves, on the other hand, do not use flames or a heated surface. Instead they pass currents into induction-ready cookware (not all cookware is compatible), thereby turning them into their own heating source. The induction process increases heating and cooling responsiveness as well as limiting heat/energy loss from pots and pans.

Measure for dimensions

In order to ensure your new electric oven fits in your kitchen space, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of both the appliance and your cutout space for depth, width and height. To measure for proper cutout dimensions, remove your stove before recording the dimensions with a tape measure.

Avoiding renovations

Measure your stove’s dimensions, then map out the path from your home’s entrance to your old stove. Measure the width of these spaces to ensure your stove will fit through them. You should also measure your stove without the door, handles, knobs, grates or a backguard; these dimensions should align with cabinets and countertops, and knowing these measurements can also help you avoid renovations.

Range hood

One especially helpful tip is that venting requirements for gas stoves typically call for a higher CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating than venting requirements for electric ranges. Therefore, if you currently have a range hood installed over your gas range, it should work with your new electric stove. Also, if you plan on buying a new range hood, you may be able to purchase a less powerful option, consult a professional to determine what will be best for your kitchen and individual needs.

Cooking a meal on a Whirlpool® stove Cooking a meal on a Whirlpool® stove

What to look for when buying an electric or induction stove?

When looking to purchase an electric or induction stove, there are several considerations to keep in mind, starting with the space and size of your kitchen. Once your space is accounted for, think about the features you need, such as Whirlpool® SpeedHeat™ Elements, or whether you already have compatible cookware if you’re choosing an induction model.

Depending on the work being done, you can expect the cost to switch from a gas stove to an electric stove to include both the price of the range itself and the cost of hiring a licensed installer. 

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