Stainless steel range hood under a cabinet

What is the best range hood height above a stove?

The best range hood height depends on the type of range hood, the type of cooktop and your kitchen’s layout. If you have an electric cooktop, range hoods should be 20–24 inches above the heat source. For gas cooktops, your range hood should be 24–30 inches above the stove.

Range hoods have multiple functions such as complementing your cooktop or range and helping clear the air of smoke while you cook. Read this guide to help you determine a range hood height that works well with your kitchen layout and provides optimal venting while you cook.

Stainless steel range hood above a Whirlpool® range Stainless steel range hood above a Whirlpool® range

Can a range hood be smaller than a cooktop?

The ideal range hood for your space should match the width of the cooking surface to ensure it effectively catches smoke and odors from the dishes cooking below. Most ranges and vent hoods are available in 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths.

Knowing how to measure vent hood dimensions is an important part of choosing and installing the right one.

Does the range hood have to go to the ceiling?

Not all range hoods go to the ceiling. Certain types of range hoods use external venting and push air through ductwork in the wall, ceiling or floor and out of the house. Other types of range hoods use recirculating venting and filter air as it enters the hood and then push it back out into the kitchen.

Decorative hoods, such as canopy and downdraft variations, usually vent externally, while under-cabinet and microwave hood combinations are typically designed to recirculate. Check the owner’s manual before purchasing a range hood so you are aware how it vents and if it’s convertible. You may be able to purchase an additional kit to help you convert an external vent to a recirculating vent.

Stainless steel range hood between white cabinetry Stainless steel range hood between white cabinetry

How deep does my range hood need to be?

To most effectively vent your cooking space, your range hood should be deep enough to cover all rear and front burners. For most range hoods, you can plan on a depth of about 18 to 22 inches for full coverage. Downdraft vents typically require installation in a cabinet below that’s at least 24" deep.

What is cubic feet per minute (CFM)?

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the measurement of a range hood’s venting strength. Also called airflow capacity, CFMs indicate how much air a vent can take in in the span of a minute. The higher the number, the more powerful the ventilation. Most vent hoods have multiple fan speed settings. As the fan speed increases, the CFMs increase, as well.

Whirlpool® microwave range hood combination Whirlpool® microwave range hood combination

What can I use if I don't have a range hood?

Proper ventilation in the kitchen is key to helping keep your cooking space clean and helping clear the air of smoke, odor and grease. A vent hood may be required by code, depending on where you live. Regardless of requirements, most kitchens can benefit from a range hood.

In addition to the traditional range hood mounted above your cooking surface, there are also microwave-hood combinations that have a dual purpose and downdraft ventilation systems that rise up from the countertop when needed.

If you need to intersect form and function, you might be interested in a Whirlpool® over-the-range microwave with built-in recirculating ventilation. If you’re limited on space, you might also consider a Whirlpool® low profile microwave hood combination, a two-in-one solution that fits in the same space as an under cabinet hood. As with range hoods, remember to pair the size of your venting solution with your cooktop size. 

If you don’t like the look of a hood or your cooking surface is installed in an island, downdraft ventilation is also an option that helps maintain clean lines in open-concept kitchens. Just make sure that your downdraft vent is rated to keep up with your cooktop. Learn more with this guide on the different types of range hoods.

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The best kitchen hood range lights your cooktop, helps clear the air and fits your kitchen’s unique style. That’s why Whirlpool brand offers a broad selection of range hoods and vents for every kitchen. Whirlpool® range hoods have powerful motors and fans that help remove steam, smoke, and odors to keep your kitchen smelling like home. Learn more about range hood trends and features to consider for your kitchen.

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