Pancakes cooking on a stovetop griddle

How to use a stovetop griddle on a gas range

A gas stove griddle is a great addition to any kitchen. From tasty lunchtime staples like grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas to breakfast favorites such as pancakes and omelets, gas stove griddles can make mealtime easy. Select models may even come with a griddle built into the stovetop. Read on to learn more about how to use a stovetop griddle on a gas range.

What is a stovetop griddle used for?

A stovetop griddle provides a large, flat surface for cooking breakfast items like pancakes, bacon and eggs all at once. Grilled sandwiches, burgers and vegetables are also tasty when cooked on a griddle. The griddle’s nonstick surface makes cleanup a breeze.

Can you put a griddle on a gas stove?

Yes, you can put a griddle on a gas stove. A griddle is a versatile cooking tool that provides a level cooking surface, ideal for foods vulnerable to high heat. It’s convenient for making breakfast items like pancakes, eggs, bacon and home fries. Plus, it can be more time-efficient than using your cookware and having to clean multiple pans.

How to use a cast-iron griddle on a gas stove

Using a cast-iron griddle on your gas stove gives you another way to quickly cook your family’s favorites with less cleanup. Explore the steps below to start making your next meal on the griddle.

  • Whirlpool® gas stove or cooktop

  • Griddle accessory

  • Plate

  • Spatula or tongs

  • Recipe ingredients

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Step 1: Position griddle, if necessary

If a griddle is one of the built-in parts of your stovetop, you can move on to the next step. If not, position the griddle, typically front to back, across two of the gas stove’s burners.

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Step 2: Preheat the griddle

Preheating the griddle is key to ensuring your food cooks properly. Failing to preheat the griddle can cause your food to stick and make cleanup more difficult. It can also cause your food to cook more slowly.

If your griddle is built-in, it will likely have an indicator light that will turn off when it has reached the set temperature. If it is not, you can drop a droplet of water on the griddle and when it sizzles, it is most likely ready for you to add food.

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Step 3: Lightly oil the griddle

If this is your first time using the griddle, lightly wipe the surface with cooking oil. This will help to prevent sticking. You should not have to grease the griddle every time you use it. Do not use shortening or butter to grease the griddle.

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Step 4: Add food

Next, add your food to the griddle. Cook the ingredients as long as the recipe calls for, checking for doneness as necessary.

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Step 5: Remove food

Once your food is finished cooking, remove it from the griddle using tongs or a spatula, and be cautious of the hot surface. Turn off the griddle. Place the food on a plate and allow it to cool as needed.

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Step 6: Clean your griddle

It’s important to know how to clean your stovetop griddle. Cleaning your stovetop griddle should be a relatively simple process if you preheated it before you cooked. If you have a built-in griddle, remember to read your Use and Care Guide for specific instructions and avoid using abrasive cleaners or the dishwasher to clean the griddle to prevent damage. For some messes, you may be able to just wipe your cast-iron griddle clean. For bigger messes, you can follow these steps:

  • Turn off all the other cooktop burners and oven controls. 

  • Then, turn the griddle on—or the burners below the griddle accessory—and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes.

  • Pour some water on the hot griddle and use a non-abrasive pad and holder to push all the residue to the drip tray. 


  • Clean the griddle with mild dish soap and a damp terry cloth towel.


  • Wipe away all soap with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Turn the griddle off and allow it to cool. Once it is cool, wipe it with a towel to remove any streaks or remaining messes.

Shop Whirlpool® gas cooktops with griddles

A gas cooktop with griddle from Whirlpool brand gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy using your cooktop and cookware to make all your favorite recipes with the added convenience of a griddle to make pancakes, grill vegetables or sear steaks.

Pancakes cooking on a griddle Pancakes cooking on a griddle

How long does a griddle take to heat up?

A griddle should take about 5 to 10 minutes to preheat, depending on the desired temperature and material of the griddle.

What to cook on a gas stove griddle

A stove or range top griddle is a versatile kitchen tool, perfect for easy and quick meal prep. From unique breakfasts to seared meats and veggies, a griddle helps make delicious dishes that are sure to please your family. Here are some other ideas to make with your gas stove griddle:

  • French toast

  • Breakfast sandwiches

  • Omelets

  • Quesadillas

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Burgers
  • Steaks

  • Chicken

  • Vegetables

Explore Whirlpool® gas ranges

Whirlpool® gas ranges help you make mealtime simple with features on select models like SpeedHeat Burners and an Upswept SpillGuard Cooktop. With ranges available in a variety of finishes and capacities, Whirlpool brand has one that suits your family and kitchen.

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