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How to use affresh® ice machine cleaner

Your icemaker helps you keep ice cold drinks on hand for summer cookouts and large family gatherings, so it’s important to keep your appliance clean and properly maintained. Affresh® ice machine cleaner1 is specifically formulated to help keep your freestanding icemaker free from hard water and mineral buildup. Use this guide to learn how to clean your icemaker with the help of affresh® cleaner.

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What is affresh® ice machine cleaner?

Affresh® ice machine cleaner is a nickel-safe cleaning solution designed to help remove hard water and mineral build-up from your icemaker so you get great tasting ice every time. This product is formulated to clean the interior of all freestanding ice machines, but be sure to consult your product manual before use. 

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How to clean an ice machine

With affresh® ice machine cleaner, you can keep your icemaker well maintained. Use these step-by-step instructions along with any directions provided in your product manual to learn how to clean an ice machine.

What you’ll need
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Step 1: Empty the ice machine

Use your ice scoop to remove all ice from the machine and place it into an ice bucket or storage bin. Locate the drain cap at the bottom of the water pan in the back of the machine and unscrew it to remove any remaining water from the appliance. Once the water has drained completely, screw the cap back on.

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Step 2: Add cleaning solution and start cleaning cycle.

Once your ice machine is empty, add the entire 16 ounce bottle of affresh® ice machine cleaner into the water pan. Dilute the solution by adding 32 ounces of water to the water pan.

Turn on your icemaker cleaning cycle following the instructions found in your appliance use and care guide. 

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Step 3: Drain and repeat cleaning cycle if necessary

After the cleaning cycle has ended, unscrew the drain cap to release any remaining liquids. If there is any cleaning solution left in the water pan, put the draining cap back on and run another cleaning cycle with water only to completely rinse out the water pan. 

Once you’ve finished the final cleaning cycle, add water and turn your icemaker on to begin making fresh ice cubes.

Person filling an ice bucket from a Whirlpool® icemaker Person filling an ice bucket from a Whirlpool® icemaker

Why do I need to clean my ice machine?

Ice machines that aren’t properly maintained can produce cloudy ice that may have an off taste or smell. Keeping your icemaker clean helps to prevent any hard water or mineral buildup from affecting the quality of your ice.

How often does an icemaker need to be cleaned?

Cleaning frequency for your icemaker can vary depending on how often you use it, the hardness of your home’s water and any cleaning guidance that may be in your appliance’s owner’s manual. Generally, icemakers should be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent buildup. 

Icemakers that use hard water may need to be cleaned more frequently as hard water deposits may affect the appliance’s freezing capabilities. 

How do I remove build-up from my ice machine?

If your ice machine has heavy mineral buildup or hard water deposits, you can boost your cleaning power by using a soft-bristled brush to gently scrape off the residue. It is not recommended to use stiff or sharp-edged brushes as this can scratch the icemaker interior. The most common home remedy for hard water buildup is white vinegar or lemon juice, since the acids in these liquids can loosen and dissolve calcium and magnesium deposits. Affresh® appliance cleaning products are formulated to work with all appliance brands to clear away dirt, residue and mineral buildup.

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1. affresh® brand products and the recommended brands’ products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation.