How to organize kitchen cabinets

How to organize kitchen cabinets

Don’t waste time scouring your kitchen for the item you need. Organizing your kitchen cabinets can help make navigating your kitchen even easier for everything from pots and pans to cleaning products and dish detergent. With different organization techniques for tableware, cookware and food items, follow these 12 easy tips to get organized and help make the best use of your storage space.

How to arrange dishes and glasses in your kitchen cabinets

Start kitchen cabinet organization with arranging dishes and glasses

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1. Keep regularly used items in reach
Place most often used items, like glasses and plates, on lower shelves toward the front for easy access. Use an insertable organizer, trays or drawer dividers to keep silverware neat.

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2. Stack similarly sized items
Put same-sized plates and bowls in their own stack to maximize space on the shelf.

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3. Stash less frequently used items higher up
Store serving bowls, platters and lesser used items out of the way, in upper cabinets that you access less frequently.

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4. Hang items under cabinets
Use hooks or racks to hang mugs and wine glasses under the cabinet to save shelf space. For tips on wine bottle storage, explore how to store wine.

Kitchen cabinet storage for cookware and bakeware

Move on to cookware and bakeware storage

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5. Stock cabinets based on use in your space
Organize the items in your cabinets based on use in your kitchen. Store cookware and bakeware near the range for easy access while cooking. You can also store your favorite cooking utensils in an open container on the counter near the stove to save space.

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6. Place smaller items inside larger and stack flatter items
Nest mixing bowls and pots inside each other and stack lids and cookie sheets vertically. Put them in order from small to large to save space and help find what you need fast.

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7. Store heavy items in lower cabinets
For safety and ease of access, place heavier items, like cast iron skillets and stand mixers, in lower cabinets.

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8. Display pots and pans
Hang your most used pots and pans from hooks or rods to make more room in your cabinet and provide quick access.

How to organize food in kitchen cabinets

Wrap up by organizing food items

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9. Choose cool, dark and dry spaces for food storage
Store food items in cabinets away from any appliances that produce heat, which may alter the temperature of items and affect shelf life. For tips on cold food storage, learn how to organize your refrigerator.

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10. Arrange food items by size and type
Stagger items from tallest to shortest, with tallest in the back, so smaller items don’t get lost. Group items like spices and condiments in bins and label them accordingly to keep them all in one place for easy organization and access while cooking.

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11. Move older food items to the front to use first
Be mindful of any expiration dates and keep older items toward the front so they stay top of mind for use.

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12. Repackage opened bulk food items
After opening bulk food items, like flour, oatmeal and rice, place the remainder in airtight containers. This helps to preserve freshness, save space in the cabinet and keep out any household pests. 

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