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Standard freezer sizes & dimensions

Standalone deep freezers allow you and your family to store extra food at home and can be a great addition to any household. When it comes to selecting the right one, there are two common styles and a wide range of sizes to consider. Both upright and chest freezers come in capacities that range from around 3 to 25 cubic feet, and there are benefits to both.

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Upright freezer sizes & dimensions

Upright freezers are a good option for homes where space is limited. As you move up in cubic footage, you can expect the freezer to be taller, wider and deeper. These freezers have a smaller footprint than chest freezers and are made in compact, small, medium and large sizes:

  • Compact = 3 to 5 cubic feet (20–24″ W x 31–37″ H x 20–25″ D)

  • Small = 5 to 9 cubic feet (21–25″ W x 55–60″ H x 22–26″ D)

  • Medium = 10 to 16 cubic feet (23–31″ W x 60–73″ H x 27–30″ D)

  • Large = 17+ cubic feet (27–34″ W x 64–76″ H x 29–30″ D)

Benefits of upright freezers

Upright freezers typically provide in-door storage and built-in shelving that helps create more ways to organize your food. Unlike chest freezers, there is no need to bend down and dig through its contents, making them a convenient option for your family. Upright freezers also tend to come in more finish options, allowing them to fit into your kitchen decor with ease.

Common uses for upright freezers

Upright freezers are ideal for storing and organizing foods that you need to access more frequently. The vertically aligned shelves help you keep items in sight to find them quickly. Their upright position also allows them to take up less space, making them a great option for placing between kitchen cabinets.

A white chest freezer against a white background

Chest freezer sizes & dimensions

Chest freezers are an ideal solution if you live in a larger household or tend to buy groceries in bulk. They’re wider and shorter in size, meaning they’ll take up more floor space than an upright model while typically providing more open storage space on the inside: 

  • Compact = 3 to 5 cubic feet (21–28″ W x 32–34″ H x 19–22″ D)

  • Small = 5 to 9 cubic feet (29–38″ W x 32–34″ H x 22–27″ D)

  • Medium = 10 to 16 cubic feet (54–65″ W x 33–36″ H x 24–28″ D)

  • Large = 17+ cubic feet (72–84″ W x 31–34″ H x 27–32″ D)

Benefits of chest freezers

Chest freezers generally store the most food per square foot due in part to lack of shelving, and can house large, bulky items that do not fit well in the freezer section of a standard fridge. The door is also mounted on the back edge of the chest and swings open vertically.

Common uses for chest freezers

Whether you simply live in a larger household or prefer to stock up for the unexpected, chest freezers are best used to store large amounts of food over long periods of time for your family. They can typically be found in the basement or garage due to their wider design and capacity.

A white chest freezer against a white background

Small & compact freezer sizes & dimensions

Compact freezers are typically sized between 3 to 5 cubic feet, while small freezers will range from 5 to 9. Whether using them to store ice cream, hot dogs or packaged meat, they keep your frozen foods fresh while taking up the least amount of space in your home. 

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What size freezer do I need for a family of 3?

Compact or small freezers will typically provide a bit of overflow storage capacity for a family of three while saving space in their household. When feeding large families or storing bulky items, a medium or large freezer may be better suited.

How much does a 3.5 cubic foot freezer hold?

Freezers with a 3.5 cubic foot capacity are considered compact and can be a practical, space-saving option for your home. Generally speaking, one cubic foot of space can hold 35 pounds of food, meaning a compact freezer can hold roughly 123 pounds of food at a time, depending on the interior layout.

How much does a 7 cubic foot freezer hold?

A small, seven cubic foot freezer can typically hold around 245 pounds of food and accommodate a three-person household. Whirlpool brand offers small deep freezers sized at 9 cubic feet to suit your family’s needs.

An open chest freezer stocked with frozen food

Full-sized freezers for major storage

Full-sized freezers are most beneficial for families who hunt or buy large quantities of meat and other foods in bulk. Whirlpool brand offers large capacity options sized at 16, 18, or 20 cubic feet to keep meat frozen for longer and help prevent it from going to waste.

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