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Do magnets stick to stainless steel?

Whether displaying vacation mementos or children’s artwork, refrigerator magnets can make your stainless steel refrigerator a canvas for joyful memories. However, because some stainless steels are more magnetic than others, not all refrigerators can provide the magnetism required to allow magnets to stick and create these homemade displays. Read on to learn more about which stainless steels refrigerator magnets will stick to.

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What is ferromagnetism?

Ferromagnetism is what causes everyday refrigerator magnets to stick to things solidly. Stainless steels that are ferromagnetic allow magnets to stick to them firmly.

Which stainless steels are ferromagnetic?

Different types of stainless steels can generally be divided into two broad categories. Ferritic stainless steels, including grades 430 and 434, are magnetic due to their fundamental atomic structure, which has a high concentration of iron combined with chromium, molybdenum and silicon.

Which stainless steel is not magnetic?

Austenitic stainless steels, the second of the two categories, include grades 304 and 316. They are non-magnetic since the iron is alloyed with nickel, manganese, carbon and nitrogen.

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Do magnets stick to black stainless steel?

In certain cases, yes. Magnets will stick to black stainless steel if the steel at its core is ferromagnetic. Whether or not magnets stick to black stainless steel also depends on whether the coating of the finish is thin enough to allow a magnet to cling to it.

Do your research before choosing a finish to ensure your appliance has what you’re looking for. Whirlpool brand offers a variety of black stainless steel options to suit your needs.

Why don’t magnets stick to my stainless steel fridge?

If magnets are not sticking to your stainless steel refrigerator, it may be because the type of stainless steel it is made from is austenitic. Additionally, if your stainless steel refrigerator is coated with a finish, it’s also possible that the magnets you’re using aren’t strong enough to stick to the material at its core.

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Do magnets harm or scratch stainless steel appliances?

While magnets are a fun way of personalizing your stainless steel appliance, magnets with sharp corners or textures may scratch your refrigerator’s surface. To avoid possible scratches, use flat, vinyl magnets that will sit flush against the refrigerator.

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