Range Hood Accessories and Parts

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Model #: W10272061
MSRP $215.99
Model #: W10272063
MSRP $53.99
MSRP $18.99
Model #: W10768190
MSRP $305.99
Model #: W10272064
MSRP $219.99
MSRP $54.99
Model #: W10490330
MSRP $99.99
Model #: W10680067
MSRP $99.99
Model #: W10768191
MSRP $305.99
Model #: W10688278
MSRP $549.99
Model #: W10748976
MSRP $305.99
Model #: W10272060
MSRP $168.99
Model #: W10294733
MSRP $99.99
Model #: W10272065
MSRP $194.99

Find range hood vent kits, filters and other parts from Whirlpool

If you’re installing or maintaining a range hood, you need the right accessories to keep it running smoothly. Whirlpool offers a number of range hood parts for your appliance, including vent kits for improved air circulation and hood filters that reduce grease, smoke and odors in your kitchen. Made for quick and easy installation, our range hood parts and accessories are manufactured with the same quality as Whirlpool® appliances, so you can worry less about maintenance and concentrate on cooking your family’s favorite dishes. Browse our collection to find the right piece for your kitchen vent hood and visit our Customer Care center to browse manuals or to schedule a service.