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Model #: WG1202XH
MSRP $119.00
Model #: GC1000PE
MSRP $149.00
Model #: GC5000XE
MSRP $289.00
Model #: GC1000XE
MSRP $139.00
Model #: GC2000XE
MSRP $149.00
Model #: WG1202PH
MSRP $129.00

Get rid of food waste faster with sink disposal systems from Whirlpool

Food disposal is simple thanks to the latest garbage disposal systems from Whirlpool. Garbage disposals (sometimes known as garbage disposers) eliminate food waste through the sink drain which helps reduce odors in your trash can or compactor. A garbage disposal is also convenient – just drop peels, cores and rinds in right as you cook – and helps reduce the amount of food waste in landfills.

Whirlpool® in-sink disposals feature powerful motors to grind up food waste quickly, reducing it to smaller bits and whisking it away, keeping your sink clean and your garbage disposal fresh. Compare features on our garbage disposals to get the right unit for your kitchen, and trust affresh cleaner to keep your sink disposal clean and free of odor-causing residues.