4.8 cu. ft. Guided Electric Front Control Coil Range

Frozen Bake™ Technology

Skip preheating for favorites like pizza and lasagna so you can cook frozen foods faster.2

Guided Cooktop Controls

Control the heat without the guesswork. The knobless design uses up/down arrows to select the temperature you need, while heat level indicators show when you are simmering and melting.

High-Speed Coil Elements

This coil element delivers quick, high heat for faster boiling and frying, so you can cook pasta or fry eggs in less time.

  • H: [Ljava.lang.String;@6ba76ba7"   W: 29 7/8"   D: 29 15/16"
    Black - WEC310S0FB White - WEC310S0FW Black-on-Stainless - WEC310S0FS

    MSRP $999.00